Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 214: What a fool

Chapter 214: What a fool

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Xu Yi looked at his master who had just proclaimed he had high standards and then glanced at the dazed Ye Wanwan next to him, speechless.

At this moment, he somewhat understood how Liu Ying felt when his master said his standard of a partner had to be unparalleled.

"Any more questions?" Si Ye Han asked.

Ye Wanwan shook her head, "No... just... thanks for bringing the coat to me... and the gloves... the little tiger on top is very cute... did you pick it out yourself?"

Si Ye Han: "Xu Yi prepared it."

Xu Yi: "..."

Master, please check your conscience and say that again!

Sure, I prepared it but I prepared a hundred pairs for you yet you were only pleased with this particular one, alright?!

"Oh..." Ye Wanwan nodded and then asked, "Is Great White still at home?"

"Yes," Si Ye Han replied.

When Xu Yi heard his reply, he froze.

How is it at home?! I hadn't even found it yet!

Ye Wanwan was relieved, "Lessons are about to start, I'll head back now. Be careful on the roads!"

After Ye Wanwan left, Xu Yi turned to Si Ye Han anxiously, "Master, Si Lu Te..."

"You still have one day left," Si Ye Han interrupted him.

Xu Yi was stunned. Tears started to pour down in his heart like the rain, "I'll definitely find Si Lu Te by tomorrow before Miss Ye returns."

No wonder master wants me to bring Si Lu Te back--he's trying to please his beauty!

Although it's hard to admit, master's becoming more and more like a fool, huhuhu...


After school the next day:

Ye Wanwan packed her luggage and bid farewell to Jiang Yan Ran.

"Will you be fine living on your own? Why don't you apply for a dormitory change?" Ye Wanwan suggested.

Jiang Yan Ran shook her head, "It's okay, the college entrance exams are coming up. I'll be able to focus on my studying in peace!"

Although Qing He had the highest quality of teaching amongst all the private schools, its atmosphere couldn't compare to the atmosphere at a normal high school. Since many students chose to study abroad after college entrance exams, they didn't care about their results at all--all the girls just talked about clothing brands and makeup during this period of time.

However, Jiang Yan Ran was the only daughter of her parents. Since her parents couldn't bear for her to be so far away, she was preparing to apply to a local college.

Initially, she hadn't considered which school to apply to, but after spending so much time with Ye Wanwan, she decided to apply for the performance program at Imperial City Media College.

Strangely, she was quite eager to work with Wanwan in the future...

Since she'd been influenced by her parents from a young age, she wasn't worried about the professional course in performance but she had to work much harder for the cultural course.

She heard that Ye Wanwan was considering majoring in media relations at Imperial Media.

Imperial Films and Imperial Media were the top film and media universities in China--they were the goals of every film and media student and were also the ivory tower and source of prestige for various fields and industries.

Everyone knew of the terrifying cut-offs for the non-arts majors at Imperial Media and that they were comparable to the cut-offs of Imperial Films. This applied to the media relations major Ye Wanwan was considering as well.

Even though Ye Wanwan's grades weren't bad now, her math grades were pulling her overall average down by too much. If she wanted to enter Imperial Media, that was a troubling indeed...

"Wanwan, since you're going home, why don't you take the chance to apply for math tutoring classes in the evening? Your math marks are a serious problem!" Jiang Yan Ran asked worriedly.

Ye Wanwan waved her hand and replied, "Don't worry, don't worry. I've applied for them already! The math teacher coaching me is fantastic!"

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