Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 217: Compete for attention

Chapter 217: Compete for attention

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Although Ye Wanwan didn't know exactly why Si Ye Han was in a bad mood, her sweet-talking skills were impeccable so she hopped over and asked, "Did you pick Great White's ribbon? It looks great!"

Xu Yi: "...!"

Although the ribbon on Great White was hand-picked by the master, I was the one who tied it; it was me! I was the one who risked my life, why didn't you praise me?!

"Also, this cabbage is very fresh. I'll bring it to the kitchen and prepare it for you to supplement your health!" Ye Wanwan said sweetly.

With Ye Wanwan pacifying him so gently, Si Ye Han's anger was decreased by half.

Thereafter, Ye Wanwan brought the vegetables to the kitchen.

After dinner, Ye Wanwan sneakily went to the fridge to take a piece of beef and then headed to the yard to look for Great White.

She saw Great White swaying its tail and patrolling the yard. When it passed the little chicks, it opened its mouth and swallowed one, unrestrained.

Ye Wanwan freaked out and sped over quickly, "Great White! Spit it out, spit it out! This chicken will lay eggs for us; you can't eat it!"

The white tiger looked at her, stunned, then quickly opened its mouth and a little yellow chick covered in saliva rolled out and quickly ran away.

Why would I eat a live animal as small as this? I was just playing!

When Ye Wanwan saw that the chick was alive, she heaved a sigh of relief. Then she pulled out the piece of beef and dangled it temptingly, "Great White, Great White, you can have this instead!"

This was an extremely fresh piece of raw beef; there was still the sweet taste of blood on top.

The white tiger, who was usually indifferent towards her, began twitching its nose.

Ye Wanwan's eyes glistened as she started tempting it excitedly, "This isn't any cheap piece of beef jerky, it's top-notch black Angus beef! Very delicious!"

And... Expensive...

I had a hard time stealing it!

Uh, if I took Si Ye Han's beef to feed his white tiger, it's not really considered stealing, is it? Anyway, it all belongs to Si Ye Han.

Ye Wanwan knew that Si Lu Te never ate anything fed by strangers but she'd been living in Jin garden for almost two years--she wasn't really a stranger!

"Ah~ Come~ Have a bite~ It's really good! I wouldn't lie to you!" Ye Wanwan persevered and continued coaxing it.

But the big white tiger was very stubborn; it simply twitched its nose and continued ignoring her.

So much self-restraint?

Ye Wanwan faked a sob, "Why're you more difficult to please than your owner?!"

Actually, its owner is still quite easy to please...

Ye Wanwan was left with no choice. All she could do was place that piece of beef on the grass next to the tiger and then walk far away.

She hid in the dark silently for almost ten minutes. Great White lay there, swinging its tail and playing with the chicks. Then, it finally used its claws to poke the meat and inserted it into its mouth, swallowing it whole with one bite.

Great White swallowed it!

Wow! Ate it whole!

Ye Wanwan was so happy that she nearly gave a military salute right then and there; it was the first time she was happier to look at someone (the tiger) eat over eating herself.

Great White looks so adorable even when it's eating~

At this moment, Ye Wanwan had no idea that her actions in the yard, including the love-struck way she looked at Great White, were being watched by a certain great devil and his housekeeper.

Xu Yi carefully took a glimpse at Great White's owner and his legs trembled.

Why do I get the feeling that the dishes prepared tomorrow will be stewed white tiger with cabbage?

Ay, he insisted on having me bring Si Lu Te back. Now he has to compete for attention...

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