Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 211: Totally a Daddy with a capital D

Chapter 211: Totally a Daddy with a capital D

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For Si Ye Han's sake, Shen Meng Qi's face was filled with indignation at this injustice-- she clearly put a lot of effort into her act.

Si Xia raised his brows slightly when he heard that.

My upbringing?

Tsk, I was brought up by Si Ye Han!

Si Xia was relaxed. With a smug look on his face, he even stole a glance at Si Ye Han purposely before continuing, "What about me? If Ye Wanwan asked me to take my pants off, I'd gladly take them off for her! You got a problem?"

Ye Wanwan: "...!!!"

You think I'm that crazy to ask you to take off your pants?! Have some integrity, bastard!

Everyone was shocked by what they heard and rubbed their hands in anticipation of Si Ye Han's response.

He's been made a fool in front of everyone; sounds like they're going to break up!

Under countless stares, Si Ye Han dealt with Si Xia's malicious provocation without a change in his expression at all. Si Ye Han waited for him to finish provoking him then looked at him plainly and asked, "You done?"

He looked at Si Xia like he was looking at a problematic kid, causing Si Xia to burst into an outrage, a fiery rage burning in his eyes!

Si Ye Han saw that he didn't make any sound in response. His aloof gaze rained down torrents of oppression and his tone was low and threatening, "What? You don't greet me when you see me?"

Si Xia bore the weight of that oppression; it was as if his entire body was being pressed on by a huge mountain; his blood was almost freezing.

Time passed very slowly. Even in such cold weather, beads of perspiration formed on his forehead.

After some time had passed, the teenager finally gritted his teeth and said, enunciating every word clearly, "9th uncle!"

9th... 9th uncle!?

After they heard how Si Xia greeted Ye Wanwan's boyfriend, those waiting for a good show were dumbfounded.

Shen Meng Qi, who was secretly happy at first, was totally stunned as well.

Nevertheless, this wasn't the end yet. Si Ye Han's gaze swept across Ye Wanwan and he continued, "What do you call her?"

Si Xia clenched his fists tightly, his words seemed to be squeezed out through the gaps of his teeth, "9th... Au... Aunt..."

Damnnnnnn! What... What's going on here?!

Hearing Si Xia calling her 9th aunt, the already-confused crowd nearly went into seizures.

What?! What did Si Xia just call Ye Wanwan? Aunt?!

They never thought Si Xia had such a relationship with Ye Wanwan.

So the reason why Si Xia was so nice towards Ye Wanwan from the start and was always protecting her was because she's his aunt? His uncle's girlfriend?

Totally shocking!

Yet the one who was in a greater shock was Ye Wanwan herself.

Daddy's amazing, he's totally a daddy with a capital D--he actually managed to get Si Xia to call me "Aunt" with just one look!

He even got rid of all the rumours and misunderstandings circulating in school about her in an instant.

It was only after Si Ye Han heard the word "Aunt" that he retracted his look of warning and turned to Xu Yi.

Xu Yi had just gone through this hair-raising experience and his legs almost gave way. Now, he stood there blankly, slowly regaining his senses.

He quickly took out a men's coat from the bag in his hand and handed it to Si Xia. He stared at Si Xia's face. It was obvious that he was in a nasty mood so he said carefully, "Young master Si Xia, you've just recovered from your illness--quickly put these clothes on! Don't catch a cold!"

Si Xia's face darkened but he obligingly put on his own clothing. Then he took the coat from Xu Yi and put it on just for show.

Catch a cold my ass, my whole body's close to combusting!

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