Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 212: What if you snatch my boyfriend too?

Chapter 212: What if you snatch my boyfriend too?

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"Damn, my goddess is amazing. She's actually Si Xia's aunt! Look at this seniority! Awesome!"

"Now we finally know why Si Xia was so caring towards Ye Wanwan!"

"What did Shen Meng Qi say just now? She actually said Si Xia didn't have a good upbringing? Pfff! Then wasn't she talking about Si Xia's uncle too?"

With that, everyone looked at Shen Meng Qi strangely.

"This Shen Meng Qi's a joke--Ye Wanwan's boyfriend hadn't even spoken yet she rushed to explain everything. Those in the know would see that she and Ye Wanwan have a close relationship and Meng Qi was worried about her good friend, but those not in the know would think she's trying to paint a bad picture of Ye Wanwan in front of her boyfriend!

"I guess there's a greater chance of the latter! Shen Meng Qi has a trouble-making streak--didn't she steal her best friend's boyfriend?"

"Ah, that's right. She didn't even let Song Zi Hang go, much less such an outstanding man! She was probably trying to drive a wedge between Wanwan and Si Ye Han just now!"

"Oh my god, she's just disgusting! She kept saying that it was Song Zi Hang who forced her and even said he threatened her, saying that if she didn't comply, he'd tell everyone that she was the one who seduced him. Shen Meng Qi said he flew into a rage and splashed dirty water on her... I almost believed her and even sympathized with her! But in the end, it turned out she was just torturing Jiang Yan Ran. After she was done with her, she started on Ye Wanwan, tsk tsk tsk..."

"She's truly atrocious! And up till now, she's clung onto Ye Wanwan's older brother the whole time!


Shen Meng Qi had been dumbfounded the moment she heard Si Xia call Si Ye Han his 9th uncle.

As she listened to all this criticism, her face turned even paler.

What... What's going on...

Si Xia and Si Ye Han are actually nephew and uncle!

I can't believe I actually said that Si Xia had a bad upbringing in front of Si Ye Han...

Also, does Si Ye Han think I'm trying to drive a wedge into his relationship with his nephew?

I heard talking badly about family was the most extreme taboo for Si Ye Han!

When Cheng Xue witnessed what happened, she giggled yet wasn't surprised; she knew this would happen.

Luckily, there was Shen Meng Qi to distract Si Ye Han today, otherwise she was afraid that she'd be the one in trouble...

However, if Ye Wanwan goes back and tells on me...

On the other hand, Shen Meng Qi was already scared out of her wits. She looked at Si Ye Han and stuttered, trying to explain herself, " Mr Si, I... I didn't know... I didn't know that Si Xia's your nephew... I'm really sorry... I got things mixed up... I just... I was just very worried about Ye Wanwan so this happened... Please don't mind me..."

Si Ye Han didn't say a word. He didn't even take one look at her but looked towards Ye Wanwan instead.

With Si Ye Han's apathetic expression, Shen Meng Qi felt like her heart was about to fall through the ice. All she could do was look at Ye Wanwan pleadingly, "Wanwan, I really didn't do it on purpose! You know me best; I did it all because I was worried about you!"

Ye Wanwan listened as Shen Meng Qi tried in vain to bewitch her. Her gaze was icy, "Really? But everyone said you were trying to drive a wedge between me and my boyfriend!"

"How could that be, Wanwan? Don't you believe me anymore?" Shen Meng Qi was panicking.

This dumb Ye Wanwan; why does she believe everything other people say?!

Xu Yi looked indifferently at Shen Meng Qi's pretence-- This dumb woman, Ye Wanwan, will probably fall for Meng Qi's tricks again...

When Ye Wanwan heard Shen Meng Qi's desperate explanations, she looked hesitant and replied apologetically, "Sorry Meng Qi, since you snatched Yan Ran's boyfriend before, it's hard for me to trust you. I don't think we should talk anymore! Otherwise, what if... what if you snatch my boyfriend too? My boyfriend's so handsome..."

Ye Wanwan muttered while clinging to Si Ye Han's side nervously and hugging his arm possessively, her face filled with protectiveness.

Si Ye Han saw Ye Wanwan suddenly hugging his arm and his indifferent gaze showed a flash of surprise.

As for Xu Yi, he was delirious with joy-- This woman seems to see reason finally. I've waited a thousand years!

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