Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 210: Choke this bastard to death

Chapter 210: Choke this bastard to death

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Tsk, at this point in her past life, Shen Meng Qi still didn't know about Si Xia and Si Ye Han's relationship.

Furthermore, Ye Wanwan had already torn down Shen Meng Qi's mask in front of Si Ye Han so her words had lost all credibility.

It'd be better for Meng Qi if she didn't try to drive a wedge between them. By trying to interfere with their relationship in such an obvious manner, there was no way Si Ye Han would believe her.

At the same time, Cheng Xue, who was standing off to the side, stared in Shen Meng Qi's direction in astonishment.

Initially, she thought that this woman, Shen Meng Qi, really knew Si Ye Han and was very close to him.

But after she heard her call Si Xia a complicated person, she was speechless.

None of the few brothers in the Si family had an heir yet and Si Ye Han wasn't even married so Si Xia was the only young master in the Si family--his status was extremely high.

Although many people said that with Si Ye Han's mistrustful and tyrannical character, he wouldn't let any one of them have a descendant giving them the right of inheritance. But the truth was that Si Ye Han treated his nephew quite well and even gave him quite a bit of respect.

There was a rumour that once, a reckless relative thought that by bullying Si Xia, he'd be able to get into Si Ye Han's good books so he humiliated Si Xia in front of everyone and called his father a useless scoundrel.

But after Si Ye Han found out, he got someone to slice that man's tongue off instantly.

That bloody and gruesome scene shocked everyone in the Si family...

From then on, nobody in the Si family dared to disrespect Si Xia.

And now, Shen Meng Qi actually dared to call Si Xia a complicated person? She even said it right in front of Si Ye Han?

On the other hand, Shen Meng Qi saw that Si Xia was still half-naked--that was blatant proof right there! She was so excited that she lost control of her emotions. She couldn't believe that Si Ye Han was still so calm when this was akin to catching a couple in the act!

Even if Ye Wanwan merely breathed a single word to another guy, Si Ye Han would flare up and go into a murderous rage.

Wanwan had even accepted the clothes of a man with such a pleasing appearance and this man still strutted around half-naked next to her.

Shen Meng Qi acted like she was very worried for Ye Wanwan and pleaded Si Xia, "Si Xia, you should put your clothes on quickly! You're creating a misunderstanding for Wanwan..."

The way Si Xia looked at Shen Meng Qi was akin to looking at a fool.

Where did this fool emerge from?

Ye Wanwan is actually best friends with this fool?

Tsk, she definitely has a problem with her brain; no wonder she'd fall for a pervert like Si Ye Han!

Si Xia sneered and grabbed his clothes. He leaned back and showed off the figure that was lean when clothed and muscular when bare; those defined and smooth abs glistened. "Tsk, I'm not putting them on! I just wanted to strip naked for her, so what?"

The moment Si Xia said that, a deadly silence fell upon the entire classroom.

Ye Wanwan's eyes were gaping wide. If Si Ye Han wasn't there, she would've pounced and choked this bastard to death.

Just what kind of hatred and resentment does he have against me?!

This guy must be her soul reaper after her rebirth!

"Wo... Wow... this is too juicy! Two men fighting over a woman!"

"Not to mention, they're both so handsome! Although Si Xia has a different aura, his fresh and young vibe is irresistible! Ye Wanwan's too lucky with men, huh?"

"Tsk, she's a vixen indeed--totally shameless!"

"Isn't she going a little overboard for seducing guys here and there?"

Shen Meng Qi didn't expect that Si Xia's behaviour would be more surprising than imagined and was satisfied. She continued to meddle with their relationship and said with disbelief, "You... how could you do that? You obviously knew that Ye Wanwan already had a boyfriend and yet you're still doing this--is this how you were brought up, young master Si?"

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