Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 209: Si Ye Han's woman

Chapter 209: Si Ye Han's woman

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Ye Wanwan accepted the pair of gloves with mixed feelings.

Not happy...

I thought I could get him to hold my hands and ease the atmosphere a little, then he might not be so mad anymore!

But in this current situation, is he angry or not, exactly?

Forget about his low EQ; he even has facial paralysis. It's so hard to have a boyfriend like him, I totally can't guess what he's thinking...

Just as Ye Wanwan sighed in regret, everyone around her stared at that perfect couple at the door and was speechless from the shock.

"I... what am I seeing... Ye Wanwan actually... she really has a boyfriend..."

"And he's SO good looking ahhhhhh!"

"She wasn't exaggerating when she said that he's much better-looking than Si Xia! Just his face is enough, alright!"

Listening to the discussions around him, Cheng Xue didn't move at all like her entire body was fixed in place; that face of hers was abnormally pale as if she had seen something terrifying.

Si... Si Ye Han...

That legendary master of the Si family who kills without batting an eyelid!

Even if she'd only seen him once from afar because of Si Xia, she definitely recognised him.

This man, you only have to meet him once and you'll never forget him.

But, how could it be!

How could Ye Wanwan's boyfriend be Si Ye Han?!

If this was the case, why would Ye Wanwan let go of Si Ye Han and run over to seduce Si Xia?

Could it be... Could it be that Si Xia was so caring towards Ye Wanwan from the start because of this?

Because Ye Wanwan is Si Ye Han's woman!

Oh my god, if Si Ye Han finds out about the things I did to Ye Wanwan...

With that thought, a tremendous fear emerged on Cheng Xue's face instantly.

At the same time, she suddenly recalled the warning that Si Xia gave her, "Shut up if you don't want to die"...

While everyone was still dumbfounded, a voice came from behind the man all of a sudden.

"Si... Mr Si..."

All they saw was Shen Meng Qi in a pink dress standing there shyly, saying hi to Si Ye Han.

When everybody saw that, their hunger for gossip was displayed in their eyes-- Shen Meng Qi knows this person too?

When Si Ye Han recognised that it was Shen Meng Qi, his gaze landed on her for a brief moment but his gaze was empty, as if she didn't exist.

Xu Yi never had a good impression of Shen Meng Qi. Seeing that she'd invited herself over, his face turned cold as he took a step towards Si Ye Han, blocking any intention to get closer.

When she saw that Si Ye Han didn't even react when he saw her, Shen Meng Qi bit her lip, slightly embarrassed but when she remembered that this man was like that to everyone, she felt a little better.

Shen Meng Qi wasn't able to get closer to Si Ye Han so she walked to Ye Wanwan's side warmly and spoke in a very friendly manner, "Did you come to give a coat to Ye Wanwan? This coat looks great The gloves are cute too; there's even a little tiger on them..."

Shen Meng Qi spoke so much yet Si Ye Han ignored her and even Ye Wanwan didn't respond to her words; it was like she was performing a monologue.

Shen Meng Qi's expression grew increasingly awkward and there was a flash of gloominess beneath her eyes.

Then, her gaze seemed to move in Si Xia's direction carelessly; it was as if she had a guilty conscience and suddenly said to Si Ye Han anxiously, " Mr Si, you, you must never misunderstand Wanwan and Si Xia! Si Xia merely saw that Wanwan was cold so he took off his top and gave it to her--they're just ordinary friends! Wanwan would never mix with those complicated people outside, you must believe her..."

This comment she just made...

Would make him misunderstand even if he didn't misunderstand at first.

Ye Wanwan had a mocking look on her face as she looked at Shen Meng Qi quietly-- Shen Meng Qi finally couldn't tolerate it anymore and is driving a wedge between Si Ye Han and me, right in front of me .

Complicated people?

Tsk, at this point in her past life, Shen Meng Qi still didn't know about Si Xia and Si Ye Han's relationship.

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