Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 208: The great devil's delivering some warmth?

Chapter 208: The great devil's delivering some warmth?

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Ye Wanwan spoke as she continued to struggle on her deathbed and shot Si Xia a look to get him to put his clothes on. In addition, she was also pushing all the love letters, candies and chocolates to Si Xia's side.

"All these belong to him, they belong to him! I've got nothing to do with them!" *forced laugh*

Si Xia noticed that she was pushing everything over to his side and his face darkened. He raised his brows and took out one of the love letters-- aiya, on the cover were the words "TO WANWAN THE GODDESS, SARANGHAEYO [1]" in big, bold words!

Ye Wanwan: "..." I really want to strangle this bastard to death !

There was still a remnant of the cold from outside the classroom on Si Ye Han's body. His devilish face was stained with icy frost as well, and what laid before her eyes was like the bitter cold wind that sliced through her thin clothing.

Ye Wanwan felt as if her internal organs were about to freeze.

At this moment, a cold breeze blew in.


The psychological and physical coldness caused her to sneeze thrice in a row.

And she felt very clearly that the aura around Si Ye Han became even more frightening.

I'm dead meat this time--not only is there Si Xia, there's also ten miles of suitors queueing for me!

"That... Dar... Darling... The thing is..."

Even when she knew that there was no use in explaining herself, Ye Wanwan still tried.

Just as she was racking her brain for an explanation, Si Ye Han suddenly glanced at Xu Yi.

When Xu Yi received the indication from his master, he immediately brought out the bag in his hands and from it, he took out a white roll.

That seems to be... a coat?

In the next second, there was warmth on Ye Wanwan's cold and trembling shoulders.

Si Ye Han had placed that coat over her, without any expression on his face at all...

Seeing that she was just standing here in a daze, Si Ye Han looked at her and then raised his brows. Like taking care of a child, he helped her loop her arms through it and then his slender fingers fastened each button, one by one.

This was an extremely soft and fluffy cloak-style jacket; the edges were lined with warm white fur, instantly cutting her off from the cold from the outside world.

Ye Wanwan was wrapped up tightly with only her little palm-sized face peeking out. That face of hers looked even more charming against the white fur and her dazed eyes looking straight at him were as beautiful as stars after a snowfall, enticing him to reach out to her...

He looked at the girl in front of him and his gaze darkened all of a sudden, a steaming undercurrent surging beneath his eyes.

Ye Wanwan never expected that it wasn't death awaiting her, but instead, it was a... warm coat...

Feeling the heat and softness that was almost like fluffy clouds, the cold buried deep in her bones slowly dissipated from her body as a strange warmth flowed into her heart...

This unexpected coat actually makes my nose a little prickly.

Si Ye Han... actually brought a coat for me?

Si Ye Han saw something amiss with Ye Wanwan's expression, and a shroud of darkness appeared on his face that was initially expressionless, "What is it?"

Is it so hard to accept the fact that I brought her a coat?

Ye Wanwan regained her senses abruptly and lifted her head and said, shocked, "No... nothing... I'm still cold that's all... my hands are freezing..."

When Si Ye Han heard that, he gave Xu Yi a look once again.

Xu Yi immediately understood and took out a pair of gloves.

Fully prepared indeed!

But Ye Wanwan's face turned dark when she saw that pair of gloves.

Damn, I said that on purpose to tease him a little!

Shouldn't a normal guy's reaction be to hold my hand and use his body heat to warm me up?

What the h*** was with the gloves?

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[1]: Saranghaeyo means I love you in Korean

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