Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 207: Don't make me take my pants off as well, ya?

Chapter 207: Don't make me take my pants off as well, ya?

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Just as Shen Meng Qi felt overwhelmed with emotions, she suddenly realised that Si Ye Han was walking towards class F and her countenance changed instantly.

Si Ye Han's here to look for Ye Wanwan?

Then wouldn't everyone find out about Si Ye Han and Ye Wanwan's relationship?

Wouldn't that dumb girl be pleased to death!

With that thought, she couldn't even sit still anymore--it was as if someone had stolen something from her.

That can't happen!

At this moment, Shen Meng Qi seemed to have thought of a plan as there was excitement across her face all of a sudden.

No, she's dead! Ye Wanwan's dead meat today! She's probably still in Si Xia's clothing, huh?

Ha! This dumb girl, Ye Wanwan, didn't grab hold of a man like Si Ye Han and actually fell for Si Xia!

Today, I have to make all her hopes and efforts go to waste just like a wicker basket being used to draw water!

However, Si Xia, Si Ye Han... Both of them have the same surname--could it be that they're related in some way? After all, the surname "Si" isn't very common.

A flash of suspicion flashed across Shen Meng Qi's eyes, but it was very quickly cast to the back of her head.

No matter how great Si Xia's family background is, how could he be related to the Si family at all?Furthermore, Si Xia's a transfer student from Shen City; his family's probably just local tyrants.

"Aahhh—— He's here, he's here! He's really coming to our class!"

"Who's he looking for? Could it be that he's also delivering a coat?"

"Oh my god! No way! Who's it for?"

The girls in class F were going crazy.

They watched as Si Ye Han got closer and closer. Ye Wanwan, on the other hand, was almost hiding under her desk.

She forced the clothing into Si Xia's hand like it was a hot potato, "Put. this. on. right. now!!!"

Si Xia sneered, "No!"

Ye Wanwan gritted her teeth, "Wear it now! Or I'll beat you up!"

Si Xia chuckled, "Don't make me take my pants off as well, ya?"

Ye Wanwan: "..." Where's your integrity !

While she was speaking, Si Ye Han had reached the entrance to the classroom.

Xu Yi saw the clothing that Ye Wanwan was shoving to the half-naked young master Si Xia and was flabbergasted.

Damn! What kind of scene is this?!

This is insane!

Ye Wanwan saw Xu Yi's expression and he looked as if it was doomsday. She then slowly covered her face with her hand. I won't be able to wash my crime away even if I jump into the Lethe River, bastard...

Si Xia had zero intention of putting on his clothes. He just sat there and looked at Si Ye Han provocatively until a sharp pain emerged from his thigh——


This darn woman, she's about to pinch my flesh off!

Tsk, continue pinching then! I won't put it on even if she pinches me to the death!

Ye Wanwan gritted her teeth and glared at that little bastard who'd rather die than submit.

Finally, she could only submit to fate-- she trembled as she stood up, left her seat and walked towards the door...

Under the gaze of everybody, they all watched as Ye Wanwan stood up and walked towards the man.

Ye Wanwan wasn't in the mood to care about the looks that other people were giving her. At this moment, every single strand of hair was on its ends and everyone's attention was on the guy.

"That... Fa..." When she met the man's condescending and icy-cold gaze that lacked any human emotions, Ye Wanwan almost called him "Father".

Ye Wanwan bit on her own tongue, quickly calm herself down and forced a smile, "Dar... Darling, why're you here?"

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