Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 206: Destroy every living creature

Chapter 206: Destroy every living creature

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"Ah ah ah! Damn it! So... so dashing!"

"More than just dashing! He's simply out of this world!"

"Most importantly, it's the aura! The aura! Oh my god! I'm about to faint!"


When Ye Wanwan looked out the window, she froze and the screams by her ears became distant, leaving a dead silence. All she saw was that man.

That unemotional and aloof expression on his flawless face. He was approaching slowly in the rain under an umbrella. He looked simply like a great devil who'd been living in seclusion in a cave and had suddenly arrived on earth, ready to destroy every living creature.

Damn it!

What did I just see?

Si... Si Ye Han!

Ye Wanwan was first enthralled by the great devil's beauty, totally charmed by it.

Her second reaction: I'm so dead! It's my death anniversary a year from today !

S***! Why?! Why would Si Ye Han suddenly appear in school, ahhhh!

She was still in another man's clothes and next to her was a naked man!

For this, it wouldn't even be enough if she died a hundred times!

She was going crazy.

"I'm so dead thanks to you, bastard!" Ye Wanwan said, as she quickly removed the clothing from her body clumsily.

However, it was too late.

Her seat was too close to the door, and she was certain that Si Ye Han had already seen her. She was simply making matters worse by trying to hide like she'd done something wrong.

Si Xia retracted his gaze from Si Ye Han and looked at her as she removed his clothes. His expression turned gloomy, "Are you that afraid of him?"

Ye Wanwan glanced sideways at him, "I'm afraid of him? You kidding me? He's my father!"

Each time I see him, I want to kneel and call him King!

Si Xia: "..."

At this moment, everybody in class A had noticed Si Ye Han's presence. Their eyes almost popped out.

"Whoa! Who's this guy? Who is he, who is he! He's too... too handsome! What's he doing in our school?"

"Judging by his age, he can't be a student's parent! Did he come here to meet the school leader?"

"I don't know, I've never seen him before! What's the occasion today? All these casanovas appearing one after another like they're in full force!"

"Please, the ex or current school hunk can't even be compared to this man alright? Not only is this person handsome, he has a terrifying aura as well! His influence must be huge!"

"Damn, I really want to know! Who exactly is this guy?"

"Seems like he's walking in the direction of class F..."

While everyone was having an intense discussion, Shen Meng Qi was completely dumbfounded, her eyes filled with disbelief.

Si... Si Ye Han...

He actually came to school!

In the past, she still had the opportunity to meet Si Ye Han quite often because of her friendship with Ye Wanwan.

But ever since her plan to get Gu Yue Ze to help Ye Wanwan escape failed, she hadn't had the chance to see Si Ye Han.

No matter how hard she tried to drive a wedge between Ye Wanwan and Si Ye Han to ask him out, that dumb girl was never fooled.

This was the first time she'd seen him in a very, very long time.

The moment she saw him, the hope that was long extinguished in her was suddenly ignited once again!

Who's Song Zi Hang, who's Ye Mu Fan, who's Si Xia?

This man...

If she could be with this man...

Just as Shen Meng Qi felt overwhelmed with emotions, she suddenly realised that Si Ye Han was walking towards class F and her countenance changed instantly.

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