Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 205: A lovely feast

Chapter 205: A lovely feast

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Si Xia saw the unhappiness on Ye Wanwan's face and his face turned black immediately, "I saw that you were crying so badly so I risked the loss of my chastity and stripped for you, yet you're not even grateful!"

Upon hearing the screams around her and the number of teenage girls rushing over to look, Ye Wanwan sobbed in her heart.

Was his chastity that important? She was about to lose her life!

The way those teenage girls glared at her was as savage as wolves and tigers.

Just at this moment, in the midst of the excited screams, a sharp voice resounded, "Shameless vixen! So what if you're pretty? You think you can go around seducing guys just because you're pretty, huh?"

"That's right! Si Xia obviously belongs to our Little Xue!"

"Shameless third-party!"

Hearing those words, Si Xia's expression turned icy, "Since when did I become her man?"

The Cheng family wanted to develop friendly relations with the Si family but didn't have the right connections so in the end, they aimed to prey on his good-for-nothing father and try to connect the families through the marriage of their daughter with Si Xia.

He only thought that since Cheng Xue didn't look too bad, he might as well give her some face. Yet she's already claiming him as her man?

Cheng Xue's sidekicks were slapped in the face by Si Xia personally and left speechless.

When Cheng Xue saw how protective Si Xia was towards Ye Wanwan, she trembled in rage and sneered at Ye Wanwan, "Ye Wanwan, I've underestimated you. You're so capable and even got Si Xia to obey you!"

Ye Wanwan cursed in her heart-- what's wrong with my nephew respecting the elderly and obeying his auntie's (my) words?

Si Xia was already at his limit, "Shut up if you don't wanna die!"

Cheng Xue was on the verge of exploding. Her face contorted as she screeched, "Shut up... WHY SHOULD I SHUT UP?! Did I say something wrong? She snatched my man away shamelessly!"

Ye Wanwan's expression was rigid, "Cheng Xue, I think you've got it wrong. I said before that I have a boyfriend and with my boyfriend's qualities, there's no need for me to snatch anything of yours."

Upon hearing that, Si Xia's face became as black as the underside of a pot-- even if you wanted to prove your innocence, you didn't have to stab me in the process !

Cheng Xue sniggered, "Ha! Your boyfriend's better than Si Xia? Ye Wanwan, you talk really big! Do you have any idea who Si Xia is?"

Her sidekicks chimed in, "What a joke! She's not even afraid of getting her tongue struck for telling a lie like this! Does she think we're fools? A vixen like her is only compatible with a rich old man!"

Everyone around them was speechless after hearing what Ye Wanwan said. Although what Cheng Xue's sidekicks said was awful, it was somewhat true. After all, Ye Wanwan was only an abjected princess now--all she had was a pretty face, incomparable to Cheng Xue's family background.

"Ye Wanwan's tooting her own horn a little too loudly this time!"

"She's been bragging that her boyfriend's a hundred times better looking than Si Xia!"

"That's too ridiculous!"

Everybody was discussing it when all of a sudden, someone by the window exclaimed—— "Wow! So... So dashing——"

"What is it, what is it? What is it this time?"

"Quick, look at that man over there! Quick, quick!"

What they saw was a person walking on the overhead bridge-- a man in a plain black suit with a high nose and cherry-stained thin lips. His forehead was as fair as snow, his finely carved silhouette was so perfect that he looked like a god from a Greek myth.

There was someone standing next to him, propping up a black umbrella for him respectfully and the man was walking in the storm like a painting done with splashes of ink.

The crowd hadn't regained their composure from Si Xia's muscles but were stunned by this lovely feast for their eyes. They didn't dare to make a single sound, afraid that this dreamy scene would be destroyed if they did.


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