Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 200: Do I look good?

Chapter 200: Do I look good?

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Standing at the side, Jiang Yan Ran said helplessly, "Since things have reached this point, there's no use even if you keep putting on that makeup."

Ye Wanwan was in a daze. In the end, she placed the huge makeup bag back into the cupboard.

Her first sin was this face of hers; it was her weakness.

After hiding for so long, this was the first time Ye Wanwan was barefaced.

She first gave herself a moisturizing face mask, then packed away all her hideous clothes.

To replace those were clothes that she'd sealed in a box for a very long time: a variety of pink and pretty dresses that were once her favourites-- they represented the teenage years that she'd lost.

Ye Wanwan combed her long hair and pinned up a few loose strands of hair at the side with a clip shaped like a musical note. Following that, she changed into a burgundy dress.

It was an off-the-shoulder design with flowy, butterfly sleeves. The hem was like a blooming flower while the intricate tailoring outlined her slender waist and curves, and the colour of the skirt brought out the fairness of her skin which was already as white as snow.

Looking at herself in the mirror in that dress, Ye Wanwan was in a daze.

This was the present that Ye Mu Fan gave her on her birthday two years ago.

There was no denying how great Ye Mu Fan's tastes were--even after two years, this dress was still on-trend.

It was a pity that her relationship with her family and Ye Mu Fan at that time were already becoming estranged and not long after, they had a big fight after which she cut ties with her parents and fought very badly with Ye Mu Fan. She never ended up wearing this dress.

Her father lost everything in order to protect her. Due to Shen Meng Qi's meddling, it was as if Wanwan was possessed and voluntarily wanted to cut ties with her parents.

Mu Fan must've resented having such a stupid and heartless younger sister...

Because of her, the Ye family had a change of ownership; everything that her father worked hard for was gone. Mu Fan also lost the glory of being the Ye family's young master and lost the right to love someone.

She caused the family to be in this state but because they were worried that she wouldn't be able to handle the truth, everyone hid it from her.

She, the main culprit, was completely ignorant, going on with her life heartlessly and was head over heels with a scumbag who turned his back on her and called off the engagement once her father lost power.

She could only blame herself for being so useless and weak that her family had to sacrifice so much for her...

Ye Wanwan drew back from her memories as she pushed the door open and walked out of the bathroom.

"Do I look good?" Ye Wanwan asked.

The moment Jiang Yan Ran turned and saw the girl, a phrase came to mind: A real beauty with the flesh of ice and bones of jade.

In this world, some people are really favoured by The Creator.

"Gr... Great..." Jiang Yan Ran replied, stunned.

Last night, Ye Wanwan was already stunning in a simple white dress and casually let-down long hair. That couldn't compare to when she really dolled herself up.

Ye Wanwan gathered herself together, "I'm heading to class then!"


At this moment, Jiang Yan Ran suddenly truly understood how Ye Wanwan's boyfriend felt.

With a girlfriend who looked like that, he definitely wouldn't be able to feel at ease at all...

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