Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 199: Miss you to the point where I can't sleep

Chapter 199: Miss you to the point where I can't sleep

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Before sleeping, Ye Wanwan sent a text to Si Ye Han.

[Darling, I miss you so, so, so much, I miss you so much that I can't fall asleep every night. I've decided to apply for day school and not live in the dormitory anymore so from next Friday onwards, I'll be able to go home every day! Are you happy?]

Since Qin Ruo Xi was back from Shen City, she had more control at Si Ye Han's side. Plus, with major exams coming up, she could take this chance to get Si Ye Han to tutor her in math, killing two birds with one stone.

Within minutes, her phone rang-- Si Ye Han replied with a word: [Yep].

Ye Wanwan hid under the blanket and laughed. Ay, I wonder what Si Ye Han's expression is each time he reads my mushy text messages.

I really admire him for replying to me so calmly each time.

[Oh ya, oh ya! Is Great White at home? I really want to play with Great White!] Ye Wanwan asked further.

Oh, I really miss Great White!

I'm not sure whether Great White's at Jin garden.

This time, he took a longer time to reply: [At home.]

That's great!

Thinking about her cabbage and Great White, Ye Wanwan didn't feel so repulsed towards Jin garden anymore.

Midnight at the Jin garden:

Xu Yi was summoned by his master all of a sudden and tasked with a job that sounded ridiculous.

Si Ye Han: "Get Si Lu Te back here."

"Ah?" Xu Yi was dumbfounded.

It's the middle of the night and he wants me to go to the mountains to look for Si Lu Te?

I don't even know where to hunt, where can I go to find Si Lu Te?!

It's such a windy and moonless night; isn't the master worried that I'll be eaten by the beast?

"Is there a problem?" Si Ye Han looked at him.

"No! There isn't! I'll go look for it now..."

"Find it before Friday."

"Yes..." Xu Yi accepted his orders bitterly and went on to look for the tiger, covering the mountains and plains.

He really couldn't think of a reason why he had to find Si Lu Te so urgently.

And I have to find it by Friday?

The next morning.

Ye Wanwan took out her huge makeup bag out of habit.

After she took it out, she realised that she'd already blown her cover the night before.

So, do I put on the makeup or not?

If she continued putting it on, it would just make her look more conspicuous. But the consequence of not putting it on wasn't any better either.

Ye Wanwan was still debating internally when there was a sudden din downstairs and she heard her name vaguely.

"Why's it so noisy?" Ye Wanwan knitted her brows.

Jiang Yan Ran walked in from the balcony and looked at her. She was hesitant to speak but in the end, she helplessly said, "Go see for yourself..."

Ye Wanwan was confused, "What's going on?"

Ye Wanwan put her makeup brushes down, scratched her head and walked towards the balcony.

"Ahhhhhhhh—— goddess! Goddess! Goddess! Wanwan the goddess!"

"The goddess is out! Goddess, I love you! The goddess looks just like an angel when she wakes up ow ow ow!"

"Goddess, I have a chromosome passed down from generations that I want to give to you!"

Ye Wanwan nearly turned deaf from the shouts when she reached the balcony.

At this moment, she realised that the dense mass of people downstairs were mostly guys shouting.

And the few windows nearby in the girls' dormitory were all open. Everyone was sticking their heads out to watch the fun, totally trying to stir up trouble. The dormitory caretaker had come out to warn them about the loud noise several times but that didn't work.

Ye Wanwan felt extremely awkward. Even though she sort of expected some trouble like this, it was way worse than she imagined.

There was no wonder. So many people took pictures and videos last night and this news had definitely gone around already. In addition, the lives of students were very dull and boring so a little gossip can go on and on, not to mention such shocking news like what happened last night.

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