Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 198: Go back to pacify him

Chapter 198: Go back to pacify him

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The caller probably sensed the sadness in her tone and asked anxiously, "Still upset over that incident?"

Shen Meng Qi started sobbing helplessly when she heard that question, "Mu Fan, I feel terrible. It was obviously that guy's fault since he kept pestering and threatening me. Why doesn't anybody believe me..."

"Don't be sad, I believe you; those who truly love and care for you would believe you. Why be upset over those people who don't matter at all?"

"But Wanwan! Even Wanwan doesn't believe me!" Shen Meng Qi said emotionally, like she was extremely heartbroken.

Upon hearing Ye Wanwan's name, Ye Mu Fan was silent and spoke only after a long silence with a much colder tone, "If she doesn't believe you then so be it. I've warned you before not to get too close to her; Ye Wanwan's not worth being nice to!"

"But, I've always treated Ye Wanwan as my best friend..."

"It's fine even if you lose a friend like her! Alright, don't think about those unhappy events. Think about how you're going to be a big, popular star after you graduate. By then, there will be many people who'll like you!"

Shen Meng Qi's eyes lit up, "Really? Can I really become a big star?"

"Of course, I'll definitely help you become the most popular and prettiest new star!"


After visiting the sickbay, Ye Wanwan and Jiang Yan Ran returned to the dormitory together.

Jiang Yan Ran sat on the bedside and looked at Ye Wanwan, concerned, "Wanwan, are you okay?"

Although Ye Wanwan always looked as if she didn't care, Jiang Yan Ran could tell there were many things buried in her heart, including her looks. There must be a reason why she wanted to keep things secret by not revealing how she really looked.

Now that she was forced to reveal her face and had been seen by everyone, was everything really fine?

Ye Wanwan smiled bitterly and threw up her hands, "Honestly... There's a problem and it's a BIG problem!"

"Very serious?" Jiang Yan Ran's expression changed, "Why can't you reveal how you really look like?"

"Of course it's serious because I'm afraid of attracting suitors! My boyfriend's the jealous type!" Ye Wanwan sighed.

Jiang Yan Ran was stunned and then sighed deeply. She had tried to think of what kind of terrible consequences there'd be, but in the end, she was rewarded with a show of devotedness.

Ye Wanwan knew what Jiang Yan Ran was thinking about but didn't explain further.

Ay, it'd be great if he was cute when jealous but he's the kind who'll take your life away when he's jealous!

In order to keep her life, Ye Wanwan had to quickly think of a way to deal with it.

"Yan Ran, I have something I need to discuss with you--I might not be living in the dormitory for some time," Ye Wanwan said.

"Not living in the dormitory? You're going to stay home?" Jiang Yan Ran asked.

Ye Wanwan was slightly taken aback by that question, going home... I don't even have a home to return to...

"Uh, yeah, I feel like staying home; I'm a little homesick." Ye Wanwan could only go with what Jiang Yan Ran said.

I can't possibly reply saying that I'm going back to pacify a great devil, right?

"I heard what Shen Meng Qi said about you fighting really badly with your family before. It's good that you've thought it through now; every parent cares for their child--just clear the air if there's any misunderstandings. Don't wait till it's too late!" Jiang Yan Ran advised.

Ye Wanwan nodded, "Yep, got it."


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