Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 197: A change in the school beauty

Chapter 197: A change in the school beauty

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"You..." Cheng Xue stared at Ye Wanwan, her face turning green in anger.

She never thought that under Ye Wanwan's horrific and conspicuous makeup would be a face like this!

And in light of Ye Wanwan's true face, her delicate makeup and gorgeous gown had all become a joke tonight.

At this moment, everyone was staring in Cheng Xue's direction. They all had a strange look and started whispering to each other.

Ye Wanwan had removed her remaining makeup, was totally bare-faced and only had on a simple white dress but was able to crush Cheng Xue, Qing He's beauty, the dream girl of every boy, in her gorgeous gown within seconds. What's the meaning of this?!

"Do you guys still remember Wanwan mentioned that she didn't reveal her real face because she was afraid it would bring about chaos? Damn, it was true! It's unbelievable!"

It's not unbelievable! We're almost graduating and it's only now that I've found out that there's such a devastatingly stunning beauty in our school! With her looks, she overtakes our big school goddess, Cheng Xue, by at least eighteen streets! If Ye Wanwan revealed her real face sooner, Cheng Xue would be a nobody, right?"

"Everything today was planned out by Cheng Xue, right? She wanted to teach Ye Wanwan a lesson yet she ended up slapping her own face!"

"This Ye Wanwan and Cheng Xue were certainly Snow White and the evil queen! Amazing!"

"Tonight was totally a fantasy! I can't get over this! The school goddess of Qing He for three consecutive years was actually defeated by an ugly freak..."

"Who called her an ugly freak?! Who called her an ugly freak?! Who called my goddess an ugly freak?! My goddess is the true beauty of Qing He! Whoever doesn't believe me, let's fight! We'll go by votes!"

"Do we even need to bother voting? It's about time we have a change in the school beauty of Qing He!"


Cheng Xue glanced at the looks of ridicule. Upon hearing those comments, she shoved the two sidekicks next to her and rushed backstage. She ran and tore the gorgeous gown off at the same time like a mad person.

And as for the girl with short hair who suggested this idea to Cheng Xue, who had planned everything and got Ye Wanwan soaked in makeup remover--she'd long been in shock. She didn't dare to approach Cheng Xue now as she hurriedly buried her head and hid from her as far as possible.

Amongst the noisy crowd, Shen Meng Qi stood in the corner with her fists clenched tightly, a darkness looming over her face.

Damn it...

How could she? Why am I in a state where everyone's cursing me while that ugly freak Ye Wanwan can simply reveal her face and become the goddess of Qing He, even replacing Cheng Xue as the school's beauty?

How did things go so wrong? Ever since Ye Wanwan refused to leave Jin garden with Gu Yue Ze as I'd planned, nothing's going the way I want...

Not only that, but Ye Wanwan is getting more and more distant from me and getting closer to Jiang Yan Ran.

Her phone suddenly rang. Shen Meng Qi looked at the caller ID, took a deep breath and walked out of the hall.

When she saw the name on the caller ID, there was a trace of disgust on her face but the moment she answered, her voice became very tender, "Hello? Brother Mu Fan?"

"Did the performance today go smoothly?"

"It was all right..." Shen Meng Qi's countenance was frigid.

Tsk, smoothly?

This ballet performance was the one she was best at--The Black Swan--and she was supposed to be dazzling tonight but because of that incident with Song Zi Hang, there were only jeers the moment she stepped on stage.

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