Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 196: Satisfied with what you saw?

Chapter 196: Satisfied with what you saw?

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Under the gaze of all those people, she took off her tattered and heavy costume, removed her wig and washed away the thick makeup and dirt off her face.

In a moment, it was as if a dusty pearl saw the light again and it was so dazzling that it almost blinded their eyes; her arrogant and fierce gaze was akin to a fiery blaze, burning down her disguise to practically nothing; her magnificence blossomed in an instant.

When Si Xia received the news and rushed over, he saw this scene and stood there, dumbfounded.

The people who had mocked her and watched the show were now stunned with disbelief.

The only one who was calm--probably the only one who knew the truth--was Ling Dong...

After some time, a sudden "clang" interrupted the silence in the big hall--someone had accidentally knocked over a prop.

Only then did everyone regain their senses. The whole hall was filled with alarming cries and discussion.

"Da...Damn! She's gorgeous!!!"

"She's stunning, alright! She's extremely beautiful! This... what's going on here? That... that's Ye Wanwan?"

"That's impossible! I must be dreaming! How could that ugly freak, Ye Wanwan, be so beautiful?! Touch my heart, it's beating so quickly, I feel like I'm in love! This is the goddess of my dreams!"

"Oh my god! This was the ugliest girl in Qing He, you say? This must be a trick you guys put on us juniors! This big sister is so alluring!"

"Hey hey hey, little brat, you haven't even grown facial hair yet and you're already trying to fight with us over your senior! First come, first serve, understand?"


In the middle of the stage, Ye Wanwan looked at everybody, even rowdier than before, and she furrowed her brows.

Especially the boys who had mocked and ridiculed her just a second ago, but who were now calling her a goddess.

Her original plan was to persist until graduation but with that one prank spoiling everything, it was all over after holding on for so long.

Just one suitor could almost take away half a life. With such a big group, she didn't have enough lives for everyone!

Ye Wanwan's head was buzzing when she noticed Jiang Yan Ran standing in the crowd.

Jiang Yan Ran seemed to be pushed by the shoving crowd as she fell to the ground in pain.

Everyone's attention was on her; there were even people squeezing up to the front to get a closer look. It was total chaos and nobody noticed Jiang Yan Ran at all.

Seeing that the crowd was still pushing and shoving, Ye Wanwan quickly went down the stage.

When the shoving crowd saw Ye Wanwan walking over, they were all extremely excited and automatically parted to create an opening for her, like a tide.

"Eh? Where's the goddess going?"

"I don't know!"

"Is she going to find Si Xia?"


Si Xia watched as Ye Wanwan walked towards him and his pupils constricted.

However, everybody saw that Ye Wanwan passed Si Xia and walked over to Jiang Yan Ran and said, "Sprained your ankle?"

Jiang Yan Ran shook her head in shock. She never expected that Ye Wanwan would take notice of her even in such a situation, "I'm... I'm fine..."

Ye Wanwan frowned and helped her up, "I'll bring you to the sickbay."

Oh... the goddess actually went to find Jiang Yan Ran...

The gossipy crowd was instantly disappointed but everyone's eyes couldn't bear to leave her.

Ye Wanwan was about to leave but seemed to have recalled something and paused, then looked towards Cheng Xue, curled her lips and said, "Great goddess Cheng, this was what you wanted, right? Are you satisfied with what you saw?"

With that, Ye Wanwan took Jiang Yan Ran and left leisurely.

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