Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 195: The definition of a beauty

Chapter 195: The definition of a beauty

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"That's way too creative hahahaha, it's killing me! Quick, quick, everybody, take out your phones and take pictures, we've never seen how this ugly freak actually looks like!"

"Come over everybody! Look at how beautiful Snow White actually is haha..."

Some girls suddenly obtained water hoses and started to spray water onto Ye Wanwan's face.

The crazy peals of laughter and gleeful screams went through the roof!

Not far off, Jiang Yan Ran was pushed to the back by the crazy crowd and couldn't pass through; she could only stand there and watch, on the verge of crying.

Many schools had a community like this--those at the bottom of the food chain were the targets of bullying.

Just because she didn't look pretty, Ye Wanwan had become a target as well.

The costume that Ye Wanwan was wearing was made of animal skin and was water-resistant, but the outer layer of fur was very absorbent. At this moment, it was as if a heavy piece of metal was stuck to her body. The soaked wig was also stuck onto the melting makeup on her face, making her look extremely horrific.

And the sorrier she looked, the louder those people laughed. Soon, the hall was filled with people.

The performance had already ended but their party had just begun...

Ye Wanwan stood in the middle of the stage, streams of water gushing at her in all directions. No matter where she turned, streams of water followed.

"Ugly freak! Stop hiding! What are you hiding?"

"Didn't you say that you're as beautiful as an angel? Let's have everyone take a look then!"

"The ugliest girl in Qing He's history is about to reveal her real face! Don't miss out, everyone!"

At this moment, Cheng Xue stood silently by the side in her gorgeous gown and delicate makeup, admiring as Ye Wanwan's face got fouled up by her wig. She admired how she was like a little clown providing amusement on stage.

Tsk, just a lowly, dirty and ugly worm. And she actually dared to steal my man away from me?!

Ye Wanwan narrowed her eyes dangerously, slowly clenching her fists and finally, her fury rose from these brats' bullying and humiliation.

In the end, she didn't move nor did she keep hiding. She slowly lowered her arms that she'd used to block the streams of water.

In the next second, her fingers were on her collar as she slowly unfastened the buttons of the costume, one by one.

"Wooooow! Come look at her, everyone! The ugly freak is actually stripping right in front of everybody! She's so shameless!"

Even the two girls hosing her down also stopped what they were doing in shock and took out their phones to take a video.

This was much more exciting than the performance!

While everyone was shouting and whistling, Ye Wanwan didn't stop what she was doing. She continued unfastening every single button all the way down.

The heavy costume fell to the ground with a "crash". She also took off the inner lining of the costume until she was left in her own plain white dress.

After that, she used the inner lining of the costume to wipe the residual dirt off her face.

Finally, her fingers fumbled around her ears as she removed the soaking wet wig and headgear off her head.

In the next second, the girl's jet black hair fell down her shoulders like a waterfall the moment she untied it and her face, which was initially covered by her wig, was completely revealed to everyone. Through the big screen behind her, her image was magnified so everybody could see...

The crazy shouts in the big hall immediately went as silent as the cicadas in winter.

Those who were whistling, those who were shouting, and those who were taking videos, stared at the girl who had black hair like a waterfall, her skin as white as snow and who was stunning beyond words. They were all dumbstruck.

During this moment of dead silence, the girl threw the wig she was holding to the floor. She looked up and swept through everyone like an icy blade with eyes that sparkled and spoke, enunciating every single word, "Are you done?"

This is the definition of a beauty...

Even when she was as frigid as frost, she was still extremely beautiful...

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