Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 201: You're old and disrespectful!

Chapter 201: You're old and disrespectful!

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The whole class went silent when Ye Wanwan appeared at the door to class F.

Cheng Xue already expected that this would happen and had dolled up early in the morning as if in preparation for her enemy's arrival. She even made sure that there wasn't a single crease on her dress, but who knew that Ye Wanwan's appearance would simply take away all the attention?

Initially, he seemed to be expecting something but the moment the restless Si Xia saw Ye Wanwan at the door, the hand supporting his chin slipped and his face nearly smashed onto the table. Still, he didn't take his eyes off her.

Everything happened so quickly last night that he couldn't see clearly and wasn't able to confirm what he'd seen.

Yet the girl in the red dress in front of him unexpectedly overlapped with a figure in his memory.

This face of Ye Wanwan, especially when she was in this red dress, truly resembled the person in his memory...

Ye Wanwan didn't notice the bewildered gaze of Si Xia. She pulled her chair out and sat down on her seat.

When everyone saw the girl sitting down next to Si Xia, sure that she was Ye Wanwan, there was an outburst of excitement throughout the class——

"Da... Damn! She's too beautiful!"

"This is simply unbelievable. That ugly freak, Ye Wanwan, is really beautiful! She's even better looking than last night!"

"Compared to the great school beauty Cheng--wrong, it's ex-great school beauty Cheng--she's even more beautiful! Can she get any prettier?!"

Hearing the gasps of surprise in class coming one after another, especially the phrase "ex-school beauty", Cheng Xue bit her lips so hard in exasperation that they nearly bled.

At this moment, the two girls sitting in front of Cheng Xue rebutted unhappily, "How is she even pretty? She's just so-so! A far cry from our Cheng Xue!"

"That's right! What kind of taste do you boys have? You actually fell for a vixen like her!"

"Ay! Jealousy causes one to be ugly!" a boy said profoundly.

When the girl heard that, she screamed, "Who's ugly, you're the one who's ugly! Your whole family's ugly!"

"Whoever's answering is the ugly one and probably even blind!"


While a small group of people were making a fuss, Ye Wanwan tried to shove her books into her desk. In the end, she couldn't get them in at all.

What's going on?

Is there something in my desk again?

Ye Wanwan buried her head and looked. What she found were many brightly-coloured things inside...

Love letters, chocolates, sweets...

She was really flattered and overwhelmed.

In the past, if it wasn't a dead rat, it would be a caterpillar.

Ye Wanwan suddenly noticed a certain someone next to her staring, but this time, she kept her cool.

Anyway, she was in so much debt now that she wasn't bothered by him anymore.

"Tsk..." Si Xia clicked his tongue.

Ye Wanwan found a bag to put all these things in and emptied everything out from her desk before she managed to stuff her books in finally. Then, she turned her head and glared at him, "What do you want now?"

Si Xia held his head, looked at her and scoffed. With a look of pity, he said, "If you looked like that sooner, would you have been mocked for so long?"

Ye Wanwan rolled her eyes at him, "As long as my baby likes it. For my baby, I'd even dress up as a ghost if he likes it, much less be ugly. Leave me alone!"


He heard how Ye Wanwan called Si Ye Han and nearly vomited blood, "You..."

Ye Wanwan raised her brows, her little face as brilliant as the sun, "What about me?"

Si Xia: "'re old and disrespectful!"

Ye Wanwan: "..."

He's ruthless! Attacking my age since he can't attack my looks, huh?

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