Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1980 - Planted headfirst into a sea of vinegar

Chapter 1980 Planted headfirst into a sea of vinegar

Lin Que: “…”

Alright, he didn’t need to guess anymore. Based on this audacious style, he could tell it was that idiot, Ye Wanwan!

However, why the heck was her alias “MW”? He couldn’t figure out what acronym it was. Did it have some special meaning?

[MW: 10!]

[MW: 9!)

[MW: 8!)

While Ye Wanwan counting down, Lin Que was trying to guess how long his Ninth Brother could hold on

In the end, after Ye Wanwan sent “7,” he saw his Ninth Brother clicking into the input field.

Then the man waited until the final second before using his slender finger to reply with a period…

Lin Que sighed. Ay, he has a tight leash around him…

Several days ago, when Ninth Brother returned in the middle of his date with Ye Wanwan, his expression was so frightening that Lin Que didn’t dare to stay within 10 steps of him for a few days.

Lin Que hypothesized that there had to be some enormous romantic trouble, and they might’ve even broken up, so he probably wouldn’t be stuffed with dog food for a while.

Who knew…

He still underestimated Ye Wanwan’s shamelessness!

How could that woman act like this?! Her beau was clearly ignoring her, so she should at least act more reserved and ignore him too!

Why would you madly barrage him with messages?!

What astounded Lin Que even more was his Ninth Brother’s reaction. This period was sent too obediently, right?!?!?!

Currently, at the Fearless Alliance:

Her fingers were aching from her typing, her phone was heating up, and her keys were about to break from her typing, so Ye Wanwan finally stopped her bombardment.

Ye Wanwan was incredibly satisfied as she stared at the little period sitting on her phone screen.

Her darling was seriously adorable!

“D*mn! How did he respond? Why is Sis Feng smiling like an idiot?!”

“Just what kind of sweet talk is it?”

“Is this Vinegar Owner that slick?”

Big Dipper was over himself with curiosity and sneakily leaned closer to take a peek. “Just what in the world did he send…?”

Seven Star pretended to be uninterested on the surface, but his gaze subconsciously trailed Big Dipper.

Big Dipper leaned closer with difficulty… A second later, his face froze…

Detecting Big Dipper’s peeping, Ye Wanwan shot him a glare and clutched her phone like it was a treasure. “Do you want to die, huh?!”

Big Dipper was incredulous. “Sis Feng, did you take the wrong medicine? Or did this Vinegar Owner feed you some poisonous vinegar? F*ck! You sent so many messages to him, but he didn’t respond with a single word. He responded with just a period, yet you’re so happy?”

When Seven Star heard Big Dipper, his face was also indescribable.

Just a… period? Ye Wanwan continued to look at her phone in euphoria and uncaringly answered, “What would a single loner like you know?!”

“…Sis Feng, talking is fine, but how could you attack me so personally?!” Big Dipper protested.

Ye Wanwan ignored him and kept sending messages as she casually asked, “Prison’s conference is tomorrow, right?”

Big Dipper nodded. “Yes, that’s right.” “En, alright, got it.” Ye Wanwan waved her hand, signally he could get lost.

Big Dipper scratched his head and curiously mumbled to himself, “Just what kind of divine being is this vinegar owner…”

At Asura, when the higher-ups saw their Lord’s phone finally stopping its crazy ringing, they simultaneously relaxed.

Utterly frightening!

Was there some urgent news?

Ding dong!

Another ring was heard.

Si Yehan read Ye Wanwan’s reply.

[MW: I’m glad you’re fine. I thought you also got kidnapped by goblins!]

Kidnapped by goblins?

Si Yehan mulled it over as he stared at the message. She was probably referring to the fact that many leaders went missing recently.

His current information told him that Ji Xiuran… also disappeared…

Is she… panicking…?

Ye Wanwan never would’ve imagined that a certain person who just got pacified a little bit planted headfirst into a sea of vinegar once again because of his own imagination filling in the blanks…

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