Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1979 - We’ve slept together and we have a child!

Chapter 1979 We’ve slept together and we have a child!

Although things on Asura’s side were tranquil and there was no news, Ye Wanwan was still overcome with nervousness and unease.

After all, the circumstances were unusual this time. All the missing people were powerful figures and Si Yehan was a member of the ancient clans’ collateral branch, so she truly couldn’t help but worry.

Hence, after some deliberation, she decided to directly call Si Yehan.

When no one picked up her call after calling twice, Ye Wanwan started sending messages.

(Where are you right now?]

(Return my call!)


Ye Wanwan catapulted three messages in a row, but the recipient still didn’t respond. She knew she was just scaring herself, but she still became anxious.

In her anxiousness, she started bombarding him with messages continuously.

(Quickly return my message!)

[Return my message already!) [Answer me!)


Big Dipper and Seven Star turned to each other as they caught Ye Wanwan swiftly tapping her phone and sending messages.

“Eh, Sis Feng is sending messages to that Vinegar Owner again! D*mn, is she crazy? This mindless message bombing… doesn’t resemble our Sis Feng’s flirting techniques? It’s more like she’s an idiotic teenage girl whose intelligence went into the negative after falling passionately in love!”

Seven Star ignored Big Dipper’s ridicule, but his expression was rather worried.

Sis Feng’s attitude toward this owner of the Independent State’s vinegar factory was rather unusual.

Simultaneously at Asura’s headquarters:

In the enormous conference room, the atmosphere was oddly grim as many Asura higher-ups were gathered and discussing how the leaders of some major factions in the Independent State went missing for no reason recently.

At that moment, a string of ringtones was abruptly heard inside the deadly silent and stifling conference room.

And the source of the ringtone actually originated from their boss.

Everyone reflexively looked up and promptly saw their Lord dazedly staring at his phone, which was sitting on the table. He didn’t say anything nor did he make any move to accept the call until the call broke off on its own.

Soon, the phone started ringing again, and this time, their Lord still didn’t accept it.


Whose call caused their Lord to be so conflicted and absent-minded?

As the higher-ups looked at each other in confusion and allowed their imagination to run wild with speculations, their Lord’s phone started ringing with message tones like a series of cannonballs, one after the other, and they increased in speed…

The only sound in the conference room was the swift ringing of “Ding,” “Ding,” “Ding”…

Jiang Yan’s brows furrowed as he glanced at his Lord.

His Lord rarely used a cellphone, and that phone was his private cellphone which went off even more rarely, so what was going on today?

Lin Que was sitting to the right of Si Yehan and peeked at his Ninth Brother’s phone from the corner of his eyes.

The scene greeting him was hair-raising. Message notifications wildly danced across the screen like there was a glitch.

“Ahem, Ninth Brother, what’s happening with your phone? Did it get a virus?” Lin Que whispered after leaning closer.

Si Yehan imperceptibly sighed as he stared at his cheerfully ringing phone.

Finally, he picked up the phone like he was relenting and he unlocked the screen.

Lin Que finally saw the sender of those messages: MW.

MW? Whose alias is this?

Lin Que was wondering as more messages continuously arrived in Si Yehan’s phone.

Since Si Yehan’s phone was unlocked, Lin Que managed to get a peek of the messages’ contents.

[MW: Reply to me already!)

[MW: Reply to me!)

[MW: You can reply with a punctuation mark too!]

[MW: Answer me with a period! Quick!)

[MW: Why haven’t you replied yet?!?!?!]

[MW: I’ll give you 10 seconds. If you still don’t reply to me, I’ll jump to the roof of the Martial Arts Union’s headquarters and use a loudspeaker to announce to everyone that we’ve slept together and we have a five-year-old child!]

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