Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1978 - Only one person

Chapter 1978 Only one person

“Bullsh*t!” Big Dipper glanced at Seven Star. “What the hell are you thinking? Which power in the Independent State could make these bosses disappear silently like this overnight? Even the freaking Martial Arts Union couldn’t do that, right?!” Big Dipper interjected.

He continued, “Forget about others, but even if we ignored the power backing up people like Emperor Ji and my Brother Ziran, who could forcefully take them if they wanted to escape, considering their martial strength? So many top-notch big shots were affected too!”

Big Dipper wasn’t the only one. Ye Wanwan herself didn’t believe it. There really didn’t seem to be any faction in the Independent State who could accomplish what happened.

One or two leaders were probable, but even Emperor Ji mysteriously disappeared and left behind a puddle of blood in his room. How earth-shattering was that?!

“So you really think no one could’ve pulled it off?” Seven Star looked at Big Dipper meaningfully.

“Who? Since you’re so awesome, name me someone who could’ve done it!” Big Dipper was indignant.

“Piece of Sh*t.”

Seven Star was silent for a long while before uttering that name.

Big Dipper’s expression drastically changed.

If there really was someone who could do this… Piece of Sh*t was probably the only likely person in the entire Independent State, right?!

“Piece of Sh*t?”

Ye Wanwan got a cold sweat when she heard that.

Although she knew Piece of Sh*t had formidable martial arts skills, she never expected him to be this powerful. Could Piece of Sh*t really make all the top-notch bosses, including Ji Xiuran, disappear without a trace in such a short amount of time by himself?

“But… if it really was Piece of Sh*t, I’m afraid… the missing people have probably left this world,” Seven Star said.

This time, Big Dipper oddly didn’t refute him.

Indeed, judging from his past behavior, unless Piece of Sh*t didn’t attack, he wouldn’t have left any survivors behind.

However, Ye Wanwan didn’t wholly agree. Wasn’t she also beaten mercilessly by Piece of Sh*t back then? Wasn’t she still perfectly alive right now?

“Sis Feng, your situation was different.” As though he sensed Ye Wanwan’s thoughts, Seven Star turned to her and shook his head. “What I mean is that the targets Piece of Sh*t attacks of his volition are all his prey. To Piece of Sh*t, prey can only die and can’t survive. However, Sis Feng, you were the one who provoked Piece of Sh*t, and Piece of Sh*t was merely forced to retaliate, so Piece of Sh*t never viewed you as prey.”

Ye Wanwan couldn’t find any rebuttal. Was I that masochistic back then…?

Although Piece of Sh*t was incredibly suspicious, Ye Wanwan wasn’t willing to believe it.

She had a fair amount of interactions with Piece of Sh*t, and Piece of Sh*t acted strangely sometimes, but he was a very principled person. And this person’s principles were terrifyingly rigid.

Piece of Sh*t once said he didn’t target anyone but the ancient clans of the Independent State, and Ji Xiuran and the others had nothing to do with the ancient clans.

If it was Si Yehan who went missing… Ye Wanwan could understand it since Si Yehan was a member of the ancient Si clan.

At the thought of Si Yehan, Ye Wanwan became slightly anxious. Did something similar also happen at Asura?

But if Lord Asura also went missing, he would be in the same predicament as Emperor Ji. The news would’ve spread like wildfire in the shortest amount of time, so this lack of news meant nothing happened at Asura.

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