Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1981 - Don’t want to have children with him

Chapter 1981 Don’t want to have children with him

Si Yehan silently stared at the screen full of messages from Ye Wanwan, especially at the “We’ve slept together and we have a five-year-old child!” part.

We have a five-year-old child…

Heh, if that was the truth, it would probably be the most blessed thing that had ever happened to him…

Back then, in the thick of their passion, he once casually said: “If we have a child in the future…” but was interrupted by her before he could finish. He could clearly remember the panic and rejection in her expression as she said she didn’t like children at all and definitely wouldn’t have any…

It wasn’t that she didn’t like children; she merely didn’t want to have children with him, right?

Ever since then, he had never brought up this topic again.

Ye Wanwan had no idea that Si Yehan had sunken into a deeper and sourer sea of vinegar by this point. Instead, she was flipping through the missions she accepted last time to see which one she could finish in the shortest amount of time and obtain her honor points.

Right now, she urgently wanted to recover her memories, especially the ones with Si Yehan.

In her previous hypnosis sessions, she truly didn’t recover many memories related to Si Yehan.

Last time, she finished an S+-rank mission and an S-rank mission and broke two records, earning 45,000 honor points.

Five thousand more honor points and she could request a third hypnosis session from the headmaster.

However, what was tragic was that she still owed the headmaster 20,000 honor points, and that old fox probably wouldn’t get tricked so easily this time and allow her to have an outstanding account again. So she probably needed to get her hands on more honor points first.

In other words, combined with the 20,000 honor points she owed, she needed 25,000 honor points.

Finishing one S+ or S rank missions would be enough, but that was easier said than done.

She couldn’t trick her way through all of the high-ranked missions.

“Eh, which one should I do? These lousy missions are too difficult…”

Ye Wanwan was going to turn bald from her worry. “What’s this? Steal back Scarlet Flames Academy’s school monument? Huh? What does stealing back Scarlet Flames Academy’s school monument mean? A school monument can be stolen?”

“That thing is such an old and big piece of rock. It wasn’t worth anything nor was it engraved with any secret martial techniques. It was only engraved with the words ‘Scarlet Flames Academy’ and the academy’s rules and motto, so who would be so bored as to steal such a thing?”

Seven Star replied, “Seven years ago, the school monument at the entrance of Scarlet Flames Academy vanished without a trace. The next day, someone discovered the culprit leaving behind the name of Heavenly Hatred’s leader, Jiang Lihen.”

“People say Jiang Lihen used to be a student at Scarlet Flames Academy and was also an SSS-rank mercenary. In the end, he was expelled from Scarlet Flames Academy due to seriously violating the rules. Jiang Lihen nursed this grievance in his heart, so…”

“So he stole Scarlet Flames Academy’s school monument?” Ye Wanwan finished.

“Yes,” Seven Star responded.

“This person’s way of thinking is truly odd!”

This revenge was seriously revolting. I won’t attack you or kill you; I’ll just directly take your school monument with the school rules!

This was an extraordinary source of shame and humiliation to such an ancient and well-known academy!

Seven Star elaborated, “Because of this, the higher-ups at Scarlet Flames Academy were furious and issued this S-rank mission to all the students. This mission is open to everyone in the Independent State, not just members of the Academy. As long as they can help retrieve the school monument, Scarlet Flames will give a generous reward. Unfortunately, it’s been seven years but not a single person was able to retrieve the school monument.”

Ye Wanwan rubbed her chin, realization dawning on her. “Tut tut, no wonder it’s worth so many honor points…”

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