Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1971 - Could it be they broke up?

Chapter 1971 Could it be they broke up?

Big Dipper gritted his teeth and said, “I’ll go and take a look…”

Putting his life on the line, Big Dipper secretively snuck over and got his hands on a mirror from who knew where. Standing at an extremely peculiar angle, he managed to see the name of the person Ye Wanwan was calling on her phone screen…

“D*mn! It’s actually him again!” “Who? Who?” the other people urgently asked with lowered voices.

Big Dipper returned to the corner and answered emotionally, “The owner of the Independent State’s vinegar factory!”

Seven Star frowned deeply. “Him again.”

“Huh? The owner of the Independent State’s vinegar factory? Who’s that?” First Elder and Third Elder were dumbfounded and Autumn Water was also clueless.

Big Dipper secretively explained, “It’s the new man Sis Feng took a fancy to. They were so lovey-dovey before, and she called him and sent him text messages every day, calling him baby and honey and every other word… What’s going on today? Could it be… they broke up?”

Seven Star: “…”

“Who is he? How dare he reject our President!” First Elder exclaimed.

“Who is this person? We can just abduct him here for the President!” Third Elder suggested.

Autumn Water felt it was a little improbable. Xiao Feng was with Emperor Ji already, so how could she feel anything else toward another man?

In the midst of their chaos, Ye Wanwan slumped over her chair with a plop and started snoring lightly, sound asleep.

Big Dipper carefully examined Ye Wanwan for a moment before breaking into a grin. “D*mn, that scared the sh*t out of me! Nothing happened! Sis Feng fell asleep!”

Seven Star: “…”

The other people looked at each other. Did she really fall asleep…? She better not sleep-walk later on!

“I’m telling you. My friend’s college dorm mate who slept on the bunk above him sleepwalked. In the middle of the night, he would grab a watermelon knife from who knew where, jump off his bed and pull up their shirts before slapping each of them on the belly with the knife while shaking his head. That friend of mine was scared to death!” Big Dipper hastily said.

“What are you saying?” Autumn Water was baffled.

“The second day, my friend asked his dorm mate about it and his dorm mate said he dreamed he was about to eat watermelons last night and was about to cut them, but unfortunately, none of them were ripe,” Big Dipper finished with a laugh.

Autumn Water rolled her eyes at Big Dipper. That was a freaking scary story, alright?!

Before Big Dipper could say anything else, the phone next to Ye Wanwan lit up.

Out of curiosity, Autumn Water leaned closer to look at Ye Wanwan’s phone.

“Is it that vinegar seller?” Big Dipper quickly asked.

Autumn Water shook her head. It was a video call, not a phone call…

Big Dipper quickly snatched the phone and accepted the call.

In the video, a man was dressed in a formal outfit, and a perpetually frozen mountain seemed to inhabit his eyes.

When the man saw Big Dipper appearing on his screen, his brows furrowed slightly.

“D*mn… Lord Asura?!”

Everyone was stupefied at the sight of the man in the video. Why would Lord Asura video call their President?

Could it be Lord Asura was the vinegar seller?

“Lord Asura… Has your Asura switched fields and started selling vinegar?” Big Dipper was staring at the screen, bewildered.

“Don’t you know how to talk…?” Autumn Water shoved Big Dipper to the side as she stole the phone and put a smile on her face. “Lord Asura, it’s so late. What are you…”

The video call was hung up before Autumn Water could finish speaking.

“…” Autumn Water felt like her pride took a thousand damage.

“Lord Asura must need something important, calling the President so late at night! Hurry and call him back!” Big Dipper urgently shouted.

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