Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1972 - Fell asleep next to you?

Chapter 1972 Fell asleep next to you?

Autumn Water threw Ye Wanwan’s phone at Big Dipper. “Call him yourself! You’ll take the blame for anything that goes wrong.”

“D*mn, fine! I’ll take the blame if anything goes wrong, but if there’s any merit, it will also only belongs to me!” Big Dipper grumbled as he caught the phone before calling back without any hesitation.

A moment later, the video call surprisingly connected. When Si Yehan saw Big Dipper’s face, his brows furrowed again.

“Lord Asura, why were you looking for our President? Our President fell asleep next to me,” Big Dipper said.

“Fell asleep next to you?” Si Yehan’s eyes glinted coldly.

“That’s right. Fell asleep next to me.” Big Dipper nodded. “Take a look for yourself. Why would I lie to


“No need.” The man’s frighteningly chilly voice rang out.

However, Big Dipper aimed the camera toward Ye Wanwan anyway as though he didn’t hear the other man.

When Si Yehan saw the room full of people and Ye Wanwan lying on the sofa, his expression eased up a little.

“What happened to President Bai?” Si Yehan asked a long while later.

“Nothing. Our president drank some wine and got wasted. Did you need something important, Lord Asura?” Big Dipper replied.

“It’s cold. Cover her up with a jacket.” Si Yehan directly ignored Big Dipper’s question.

Big Dipper nodded matter-of-factly. “That’s right. The President will probably sleep all night… so she better stay warm.”

After saying that, Big Dipper handed the phone to Autumn Water and pulled out a blanket from a cabinet before walking toward the sofa.

“Eh, Sis Feng, you’re awake?” Big Dipper was startled when he saw Ye Wanwan abruptly opening her eyes.

Ye Wanwan’s right arm swung and before anyone realized what happened, a loud bang was heard.

Ye Wanwan had punched Big Dipper on the nose, causing Big Dipper and his blanket to fly back with the wail of a dying pig.

“Open the door! Someone, come and open this door!”

This scene shocked Second Elder and made him start shouting at whoever was outside the door.

First Elder and Third Elder were also as far from the scene as possible, wishing nothing more than to be thousands of miles away from Ye Wanwan.

However, the door was locked, and the group couldn’t leave even if they wanted to unless they broke the door.

“Seven Star, quick, go and grab the remote!” Third Elder hastily instructed Seven Star.

Seven Star glanced at the remote sitting next to Ye Wanwan and instantly shook his head without thinking. He aloofly answered, “No.”

Third Elder: “…”

“Come… Drink!”

Ye Wanwan casually sat up on the sofa, the scent of alcohol permeating the air around her.


Big Dipper covered his nose as he scrambled up from the floor and looked at Ye Wanwan. “Sis Feng, all the alcohol is gone. Open the door and let me out first so I can go back to the hospital and take care of my mom. I’ll definitely drink with you tomorrow.”

Ye Wanwan turned to the liquor cabinet nearby with a confused expression. There was quite a hefty amount of alcohol inside the cabinet still.

A smirk turned up on Ye Wanwan’s face as she hooked her pointer finger at Big Dipper.

At Big Dipper’s immobility, Second Elder urged, “Big Dipper, hurry and go! The President is calling you over!”

“I won’t! Whoever wants to go can go!” Big Dipper frantically shook his head. Do they think I’m dumb? I just sustained a punch, alright?!

“Come here,” Ye Wanwan ordered, drunk as a fiddler.

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