Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1970 - Drink until we’re drunk tonight!

Chapter 1970 Drink until we’re drunk tonight!

When the door fully opened, Big Dipper shockingly discovered their President was actually… drinking!!!

As Big Dipper watched Ye Wanwan madly chugging from the wine bottle, his face contorted into the famous painting, The Scream, as he shouted, “Sis Feng!!! My god!!! W-what… what… what… what are you doing?!”

Everyone subconsciously took a step back.

“What are you yelling about? Come here and drink with me! We’ll drink until we’re drunk… tonight…”

Faced with this suicidal request, Big Dipper turned ghastly pale. “Sis Feng, I’m really sorry! My mom’s sick at the hospital, so I have to go to the hospital to take care of my mom!”

First Elder decisively took a step forward and said, “President, our northern branch has an emergency and is urgently calling me over. I’ll take care of that for you right now, President.”

Third Elder glared at First Elder. “President, First Elder already took care of his business. Me though, I still have tasks to finish…”

“Xiao Feng, I’m meeting someone, so I also have to


Ye Wanwan pressed a little black remote in her hand and a loud BANG resounded a second later.

The door was tightly shut.

“No one is allowed to leave until they are drunk tonight! Sit down!”

“Sis Feng, drink a little… less… Eh…” Before Big Dipper could finish talking, Ye Wanwan already threw her head back and chugged more than half the bottle down.

Big Dipper rubbed his face. “Sh*t… I’m probably gonna die here tonight! D*mn it, when I was installing the door, why didn’t I skimp on the job and install a cheaper quality door?!”

Now, they were trapped inside and couldn’t escape.

The group watched as Ye Wanwan inhaled bottle after bottle and helplessly looked at each other with overwhelming trepidation.

Big Dipper kept scooting farther and farther away until he curled into a ball and hid in the corner under the stairs.

After Ye Wanwan downed a third bottle, three additional cocoons appeared next to Big Dipper.

First Elder and Second Elder subconsciously hid in the corner too.

Big Dipper asked, “What… What should we do?”

“What else? Quickly stop the President of course!” This was First Elder.

“Who should go?” Third Elder questioned.

The air turned silent.

First Elder put forth a recommendation: “Third Elder is full of strategies, so he can handle this great responsibility!”

Third Elder retorted, “Why don’t you go? You have extraordinary martial art talent! So you’re more appropriate!”

First Elder and Third Elder glared at each other before First Elder finally turned to Big Dipper. “Big Dipper, I think you’re the most suitable actually. Doesn’t the President favor you the most?”

“That’s true!”! Third Elder agreed.

“You d*mn old codgers! You want me to die?!” Big Dipper cried.

First Elder countered, “Doesn’t the President trust and indulge you the most?”

“First Elder seems to be… right… Sh*t, wait! You’re tricking me…”

In the corner, they kept pushing each other and tossing the hot potato around, a battle royale on its own.

However, after Ye Wanwan downed three bottles of wine, her mind became dazed already.

Her first reaction was to pull out her phone and start sending text messages.

Several messages later, they all sank into the ocean like rocks.

And so, Ye Wanwan directly called him, but endless ringing came from the other end without any response until the call automatically hung up.

Ye Wanwan was unwilling to give up and harshly slammed the keys, persistently calling, but no one answered…

The people curled into balls in the corner were confused.

Autumn Water was rather curious as she watched Ye Wanwan madly calling someone. “Who’s Xiao Feng calling?”

First Elder and Third Elder met each other’s eyes and expressed they had no idea. Seven Star also didn’t know.

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