Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1969 - Giant pig trotter

Chapter 1969 Giant pig trotter

Ye Wanwan currently brimmed with nothing but grievance from suffering a great injustice.

Since she hadn’t regained her memories and didn’t know what in the world happened back then, she couldn’t defend herself even if she wanted to. Being unable to speak in her own self-defense couldn’t be any more suffocating.

However, at least she was 1000% certain of her current feelings.

What was tragic was that this circumvented back to the beginning. Since she hadn’t regained her memory, everything she said right now probably wouldn’t have any effect on Si Yehan.

“Xiao Feng, are you okay?” Autumn Water clapped Ye Wanwan on the shoulder with an unsurprised expression. “Anyone with a brain would know Lord Asura wouldn’t cure the gu with you, so don’t do anything this dangerous again. You should wait for news from Emperor Ji.”

Ye Wanwan grimly muttered, “Autumn Water, I have a question for you. Back then, did I…”


Ye Wanwan deliberated her words before asking, “Did I particularly like anyone? Aside from Ji Xiuran.”

Autumn Water exasperatedly looked at her. “Has your memory gotten muddled from the sheer number of people you flirted with? Truthfully speaking, I really didn’t see you acting earnestly toward anyone…”

“Are you sure? Carefully think about it some more!”

Autumn Water shook his head. “Mm, there really isn’t…”

Ye Wanwan sighed and had no choice but to give up.

It appears I can only rely on myself to remember everything…

D*mn it! Does that guy really have so little trust in me?

If the past memory was her memory, weren’t these years she spent with him also part of her memory?

If the past her was her, wasn’t the current her also her?

Ye Wanwan was fuming but as soon as she recalled the man’s calmly leaving silhouette, her heart grappled with pain, and she didn’t dare to say a single harsh word.

Even Ye Wanwan herself found it funny. He truly deserved the title “Vinegar King of Asia.” He probably produced vinegar by the ton.

He kept mentioning the past, but what was there to mention about the past? Since he knew it was the past, hadn’t he ever heard of the saying “A real man doesn’t boast about his past achievements”?

Even if she really did like Ji Xiuran back then and was madly in love with Ji Xiuran, wanting no other man than him, so what? That was Worriless Nie who liked him, not her!

Although Ye Wanwan didn’t possess all of Worriless Nie’s memories nor had she experienced them herself, at least she had a general understanding of Worriless Nie’s personality. To put it plainly, Worriless Nie and the current her were two completely different people, alright?

When Ye Wanwan returned to the Fearless Alliance’s headquarters, she listlessly sat behind her desk and kept deleting and retyping what she wanted to say for half a day before finally sending a text message to Si Yehan.

“Ah-Jiu, what Autumn Water said might be a portion of the memory I lost, but it definitely isn’t everything.”

Her text sank into the ocean like a rock and didn’t receive any response.

“You giant pig trotter! So what if I liked Ji Xiuran in the past? I don’t feel anything toward Ji Xiuran now! Fine, keep producing vinegar! Sour yourself until you die!”

Ye Wanwan tried her hardest to calm herself down, but it was futile.

Agitated, Ye Wanwan’s gaze landed on a bottle of red wine sitting on the bar. Didn’t some hall master give that to me yesterday…?

Having a bottle of wine in front of her at a moment like this was an inexplicable attraction.

A round of disarrayed footsteps could be heard from outside. It was Big Dipper, Seven Star, Autumn Water, First Elder, Second Elder, and Third Elder coming to make reports.

The second the group pushed the door open, they simultaneously detected an extremely dangerous scent…

It’s… the smell of alcohol?!

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