Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1968 - Prove my innocence

Chapter 1968 Prove my innocence

Moreover, when Ye Wanwan came back and saw Ji Xiuran again, she felt very close and intimate toward him but she didn’t have that special feeling anymore.

She felt like… she must’ve become smitten with someone else and something that Autumn Water was clueless about happened in between…

Based on the current information Ye Wanwan had, she disappeared after the fight between the Martial Arts Union and Prison ended. No one knew what happened during that period of time.

Ye Wanwan narrowed her eyes. She hypothesized that she probably got to know Si Yehan during that time…

However, Si Yehan was Lord Asura. As the boss of the Fearless Alliance, Bro Flattop, how in the world did she mixed up with the boss of Asura?

Wasn’t that too illogical?

She seriously couldn’t figure it out…

Freaking! It’s so aggravating!

That b*stard actually told me to take the antidote!

He’s blatantly slandering me!

I have to recover my own memory and prove my innocence!

“Anyhow, I don’t like Ji Xiuran anymore! It was just a fling with him, so you mustn’t run your mouth off in public! Also, my true identity must be kept a secret especially!”

“Of course I know that! Don’t worry!” Autumn Water glanced at Ye Wanwan inquisitively. “Why does something feel off about your attitude just now? Why were you so nervous about Lord Asura? And you called him… ‘honey’?”

“Why wouldn’t I be nervous? I finally got him after so much effort, and as soon as I pacified him, you angered him away!” Ye Wanwan snapped grumpily.

Autumn Water was dumbstruck. “No way, right? You really got him?”

She immediately regained her senses and found it impossible, so she disdainfully said, “Stop bragging! He just rejected curing the love gu with you and told you to take the antidote!”


Ye Wanwan felt another knife stab into her heart. That’s because you enraged him!

By now, the sky had completely darkened. When Lin Que, who was waiting on the street, spotted Si Yehan from afar, he exclaimed with surprise: “Eh, Ninth Brother? Why are you back so fast? I thought you two would stay the night outside!”

As Lin Que spoke, he discovered something off about Si Yehan’s expression. “Ninth Brother, did something happen?”

Si Yehan didn’t look at him as he opened the door and sat in the back before closing his eyes, as though all his energy had been sucked dry.


“Ninth Brother, you…” Although Lin Que had a stomach full of questions, he could tell Si Yehan’s current condition was extremely perilous, so he didn’t dare to inquire further and repressed all his inquiries.

In the back seat, the man’s cold lips turned into a bitter smile.

If this was before, he could still be glad that she lost all of her memories and wouldn’t remember the past, and he could continue to believe in the delusion that they were mutually in love with each other…

Now though, she had returned. She came back to this place.

He previously speculated that someone was Ji Xiuran, and she’d already seen that person.

Today, he finally ascertained that the person in her heart back then was Ji Xiuran.

He was keenly aware. Although they had a tacit mutual understanding and didn’t bring it up voluntarily, he knew perfectly well that she was trying her best to regain her previous memories. It was even very possible she already recovered a portion of her memory.

He didn’t dare to think about what she already remembered and how much she remembered. And which day or which moment or which second she would suddenly remember everything…

The turmoil in his heart during this period of time was indescribable.

What was most painful wasn’t losing something. It was gaining something then losing it. Even so, he was unwilling to abandon this bliss that could turn into suds at any moment.

Until today. Until Autumn Water’s words slammed him awake from his dream abruptly…

It really was true. She really did have someone she loved deeply back then. And he… he really was nothing but a passerby…

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