Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1967 - This is playing with fire

Chapter 1967 This is playing with fire

Color drained from Autumn Water’s face like she’d seen something extremely frightening. “You… Y-y-you… Lord Asura…”

Why is Xiao Feng dining with Lord Asura?

This is too horrifying!

Si Yehan acted like he didn’t see Autumn Water and silently watched Ye Wanwan across from him.

This gaze made Ye Wanwan’s heart feel uneasy, as though she had fallen into a deep icy lake.

She really didn’t want to live anymore…

“Xiao Feng, what the heck are you doing?! Why are you with…” Autumn Water was about to pee her pants. “Why are you with Lord Asura… Are you trying to cure your gu?”

Autumn Water lowered her voice. “This isn’t curing your gu; this is playing with fire! Are you suicidal, huh?!”

“Ah-Jiu, let me explain…” Ye Wanwan had no presence of mind to pay attention to Autumn Water at this point. She could feel her head pounding.

Alright, fine, I have no idea how to explain actually…

What Autumn Water said… might very well be the truth.

A blazing flame churned in Si Yehan’s eyes, but the bottomless abyss in the depths of his eyes gradually swallowed the flames.

Si Yehan finally spoke. “President Bai.”

Ye Wanwan’s expression froze. Sh*t! It’s over! He rebounded back to “President Bai”!

Desolation blanketed Si Yehan’s face as he used a terrifyingly calm and placid tone to say, “The effects of the love gu is complicated and shouldn’t be regarded as child’s play. It would be safer for you to consume the antidote, President Bai.”

After saying that, Si Yehan didn’t utter another word and merely gave a nod as a farewell before turning and leaving.

Ye Wanwan rubbed her face.

I’m dead meat!

He’s genuinely angry this time…

Ye Wanwan smacked her head onto the table. “Autumn Water, you’ve seriously destroyed me this time. Your timing was too convenient…”

Autumn Water grumbled, “Xiao Feng, I haven’t asked you what was going on yet, so why are you complaining about me? Haven’t I warned you many times to refrain from provoking Lord Asura? That man isn’t someone you can trifle with!”

Ye Wanwan:”…”

I’ve not only trifled with him, but I’ve even successfully picked him up, alright? So infuriating!

You better tell me everything! Who said I liked Ji Xiuran?” Ye Wanwan asked after taking a deep breath.

“You’ve always liked Ji Xiuran! Doesn’t everyone in the Independent State know that Worriless Nie likes Ji Xiuran?” Autumn Water was baffled.

Ye Wanwan felt her heart turning into cinders. She never would’ve expected Autumn Water to actually know her true identity. No wonder Autumn Water knew she had an engagement with Ji Xiuran.

How wretched! She guarded herself against everything but forgot about Autumn Water.

“Even if I actually liked him before, with my personality, would I continue to harass him after chasing after him for so many years while still being rejected?” Ye Wanwan retorted.

Autumn Water looked a bit hesitant. “Mm… You did tell me you’d given up after being rejected. You then proceeded to get drunk every day and wreaked havoc everywhere you went… However… you clearly weren’t able to forget him…”

“Couldn’t I have fallen in love with someone else?”

“Are you kidding me? Who else could you fall in love with? I was by your side that whole time! You might’ve looked like you were flirting with every pretty man you saw, but you were only doing it verbally! None of it was sincere!” Autumn Water replied contemptuously.

Ye Wanwan:“…”

Can’t… can’t I have fallen in love with Lord Asura instead?

Although there were many things she forgot, she was still herself. She knew herself well. If Ji Xiuran truly rejected her back then, she absolutely wouldn’t continue pursuing that romance.

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