Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1966 - You“ve waited for Ji Xiuran for so many years

Chapter 1966 You“ve waited for Ji Xiuran for so many years

Si Yehan’s fingers around his teacup clearly clenched fiercely, and the veins on the back of his hand popped out.

Ye Wanwan gulped and distinctly saw the cracks added to the teacup.

Was she about to go 12 feet under?

“Autumn Water, that’s a bunch of nonsense!” Ye Wanwan kept sending looks at Autumn Water.

What did Autumn Water say? I actually pursued Ji Xiuran?

“I’m spouting nonsense? Tell me something I don’t know about you! You liked Ji Xiuran so much back then and didn’t want anyone but him. You chased after him for so many years and were depressed for a while because he rejected you and did a lot of outrageous things because of that…” Autumn Water continued, ignorant about the giant pit she was digging for her President.

This information dump was too immense… Ye Wanwan was Stupefied-

Autumn Water seriously turned to Ye Wanwan and said, “However, Xiao Feng, tell me—just what in the world are you thinking? You’ve waited for Ji Xiuran for so many years and your efforts are finally paying off, so why are you messing around outside still?”

As Autumn Water said that, she sent Si Yehan a displeased look as though he was some random paramour.


The second Autumn Water finished speaking, Ye Wanwan watched the man’s teacup… shatter…

Ye Wanwan’s brain had gone completely offline. She was utterly astounded.

Autumn Water had run her mouth off upon her immediate arrival and didn’t give her any room to react.

The information load from Autumn Water was too freaking gigantic, right?

I don’t care who you fancy this time…

You’ve waited for Ji Xiuran for so many years…

These two lines alone were enough to make her die without a burial place!

“I… I’m not… I didn’t… Honey, listen to me…” Ye Wanwan was about to spit blood. She never expected disaster to fall on her so unannounced.

Ye Wanwan couldn’t see the man’s expression since it was hidden behind his face mask, but that terrified her more.

Autumn Water was exasperated upon seeing Ye Wanwan so nervous. “Look at how cowardly you are! Is that necessary?”

Ye Wanwan:“…”

Necessary! Way too necessary, alright?

“Really… Honey… All of this must be hearsay… It’s just a rumor mill… All of that absolutely isn’t true!” Ye Wanwan hastily explained.

Autumn Water glared at her and retorted, “Rumor? As soon as I came back, I heard you went to an auction to bid for Emperor Ji’s ring and started arguing with Lord Asura. Is that also a rumor?

“Seriously, a mere lousy ring from Emperor Ji and you’ve coveted it for so many years. Wasn’t it you who made me issue a mission at the mercenary academies to get your hands on this ring back then?”

Autumn Water dropped another big bomb, stupefying Ye Wanwan with its explosion. Ye Wanwan dazedly pointed at her nose and asked, “That… that mission was issued by me…?”

“Who else?” Autumn Water rolled her eyes.

Ye Wanwan turned to a certain man sitting across from her, her expression ashen.

Excuse me, but can I still be saved?

After a crisp sound, the teacup in the man’s hand finally shattered from too much pressure.

The pale green tea mixed with blood from the cut on his hand splattered onto the table.

“Ah-Jiu…” Ye Wanwan shot up from her seat.

Si Yehan slowly stood up, his spine rigid, and he reached up to pull off the mask from his face. Then he dodged Ye Wanwan’s outstretched hand and casually used the mask to wipe the blood from his hand before tossing it to the side.

“AH!” Autumn Water, who was scolding Ye Wanwan for being cowardly moments ago, felt spooked out of her mind when the man’s face was revealed.

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