Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1965 - Who you are fancying this time?

Chapter 1965 Who you are fancying this time?

Si Yehan sensed something amiss with Ye Wanwan’s expression and asked, “What is it?”

Ye Wanwan covered her face with one hand as she quietly murmured, “That girl… is a hall master from our Fearless Alliance…”

Si Yehan followed her line of sight and saw a tall girl in a purple outfit walking toward them.

Autumn Water seemed to have discovered her, and her eyes were shining as she stared at Ye Wanwan and darted toward her like an arrow.

Sh*t! Why is she coming over here?!

Did I get recognized? That’s illogical, right?!

“Xiao Feng!”

Before Ye Wanwan could react, Autumn Water had already stopped in front of her and exclaimed in joyful surprise, “Xiao Feng! It really is you!”

Ye Wanwan’s expression was incredulous as she dazedly pointed at her outfit. “You managed to recognize me even when I’m freaking dressed like this?”

Autumn Water replied with a smile, “What appearance of yours haven’t I seen? It’d be fine if you were trying to trick someone else, but you want to deceive me?”

Ye Wanwan:”…”

She didn’t expect her relationship with Autumn Water to be so good to the extent of being recognized even upon turning into ash.

Back then, Big Dipper and Seven Star weren’t able to confirm it despite taking turns to test her identity. In the end, it took Autumn Water getting involved to verify she was Bai Feng.

Later on, Autumn Water supposedly verified her to be Bai Feng because of a certain birthmark…

From this, her relationship with Autumn Water did appear to be very intimate.

This knowledge intensified Ye Wanwan’s sense of danger.

Didn’t Autumn Water go abroad to search for an antidote for the mutually-in-love gu? Why did she come back now? “Autumn Water… Didn’t you go abroad?” Ye Wanwan asked.

“Don’t talk to me about that. The search for the antidote wasn’t too successful, and I was worried about you, so I had to come back first. I didn’t expect to see you in here when passing by this place, so I came inside!”

Ye Wanwan:”…”

What should I say? My luck is seriously something! I could run into someone even like this!

Ye Wanwan was mulling over how to make Autumn Water leave when the other woman noticed the man sitting across from Ye Wanwan and directly sat down on the empty chair next to Ye Wanwan before inspecting Si Yehan up and down.

He was wearing a face mask, so Autumn Water couldn’t see his face and judge his looks.

However, someone who could make Xiao Feng ask him out for a meal and specifically wore a mask had to have decent looks.

His physique… Not bad… Alright, fine, it’s outstanding…

“This… this is…” Ye Wanwan was wondering how she should pull the wool over this situation.

However, before Ye Wanwan could finish speaking, Autumn Water waved her hand with an uncaring expression like she was used to this. “Alright, alright, no need for an introduction. I don’t care who you fancy this time. I’ve attempted to convince you many times, but it’s been useless, so I’m too lazy to waste the effort to care!”

Across from them, Si Yehan’s hand paused briefly as he brought the teacup to his mouth, but he remained composed otherwise.

As for Ye Wanwan, sweat drenched her body. What did Autumn Water mean by “who you fancy this time”…?

Did I take a fancy to that many people?

Ye Wanwan cautiously glanced at Si Yehan before coughed softly and protesting, “What do you mean who I fancy this time?! Don’t slander me! I’m very monogamous, alright?!”

Autumn Water mockingly teased, “Yes yes yes, I’m slandering you! You’ve pursued Ji Xiuran for at least a dozen years and went to hell and back for him! You’re right—that’s very monogamous!”

“Pfff—*cough cough cough*… What are you saying…” Ye Wanwan spat out the sip of tea she just drank, seized by a mad coughing fit.

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