Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1962 - Are you a demon, Ninth Brother?

Chapter 1962 Are you a demon, Ninth Brother?

Si Yehan naturally couldn’t utter those words, so Ye Wanwan started negotiating with him. “It’s fine if you don’t say it. You just have to come with me to Gourmet Street tomorrow! If you don’t come, I’ll find someone else!”

This wasn’t a negotiation at all! This was a straight-up threat, alright…

“I’m busy during the day, so it’ll have to be later.”

“No problem! I’ll wait for you no matter how late you are!”

The next morning at Asura’s headquarters:

Lin Que had an urgent document requiring Si Yehan’s signature, so he directly went to his bedroom to find him but surprisingly didn’t find anyone when he got there.

And so, Lin Que went to the study next and found Si Yehan sitting inside.

“Ninth Brother, why are you in the study at this hour? Don’t tell me you didn’t sleep all night!” Lin Que exclaimed in shock.


“D*mn! Did your chronic illness strike again?” Lin Que asked worriedly.

Si Yehan looked up and casually responded, “Because it was storming last night and the power went out.”

“Uh, yeah, it was pouring pretty bad last night and a lot of places lost power. We also had a short outage.” Lin Que’s confusion grew as he said that. What did the thunderstorm and power outage have to do with Ninth Brother not sleeping?

I’ve never heard of Ninth Brother being afraid of thunder and lightning?

“Eh, Ninth Brother, could it be you’re scared of lightning and thunder… and scared of the dark?” Lin Que feebly asked. “Wanwan’s scared. So I stayed with her over the phone the whole night.”

Lin Que:”…”

Who told you to run your mouth off?! Who told you to run your mouth off?! Why did you have to ask?!

Si Yehan thought of something and looked up from his pile of documents. He randomly ordered, “After the business meal is over, drive me to Gourmet Street.”

Lin Que nodded. “Uh, sure, but why are you suddenly interested in going to that kind of place? When I said I wanted to go there and take a look last time, you said it was silly!”

“Wanwan wants to go.”

Lin Que:”…”

“Ninth Brother, can’t you ask someone else to go with you?” Lin Que asked miserably, about to break down.


“Ninth Brother, are you a demon?!”

Si Yehan glanced at him sideways. “You want me to ask Jiang Yan?”

Lin Que was rendered speechless.

If Jiang Yan found out, he would lose all meaning of life and want to hang himself!

As Ninth Brother’s confidant and the only person who was knowledgeable about this astonishing truth and this couple’s true relationship, the responsibility on Lin Que’s shoulders was seriously too heavy… Way too heavy…

Ah, Little Red! Do you know how much secret pain your brother, I, is suffering in your stead?

In the evening, Lin Que accepted his fate and drove toward Gourmet Street.

After getting out of the car, they were greeted by a lively scene. There seemed to be some sort of Lantern Festival held today, and pair after pair of couples filled the streets, sending a million point damage to Lin Que again.

“Ninth Brother, are you sure you want to walk around with that girl? What if someone recognizes you two? You’d terrify them to death!”

Lin Que was lamenting how he was fretting with concern and despair when a melodious voice called nearby.

“Ah-Jiu ~”

Upon hearing Ye Wanwan’s voice, Lin Que automatically turned to the source of the voice. A second later, a girl with a head of long black hair wearing a white, long dress—pure and beautiful as an angel—appeared in his sight.

“D*mn… Ye…Ye Wanwan.••?” Lin Que frantically rubbed his eyes.

Today, Ye Wanwan had her hair hanging down and was dressed like a little fairy in her long dress. Who could’ve imagined this girl was Bro Flattop of the Fearless Alliance?

Even if she ran right into her Fearless Alliance’s elders and hall masters, they probably wouldn’t dare to recognize her.

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