Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1963 - Protect Ninth Brother“s safety

Chapter 1963 Protect Ninth Brother“s safety

When Si Yehan heard that familiar call “Ah-Jiu,” he became dazed and felt like a ray of light was aiming straight toward him a second later.

In Lin Que’s stupefaction, Ye Wanwan had already bounced toward them and hooked her arms around Si Yehan’s arm. “Have you been waiting for a long time? Sorry! I had to change a little!”

“You call this ‘change a little’? It’s more like you changed into a different person!” Lin Que was aghast.

He had forgotten how long it had been since he saw Ye Wanwan dressed like this, but with her identity as the President of the Fearless Alliance serving as a contrast now, no other time shocked him as much as this time.

Moreover, did this girl carry a voice changer on her?

Her voice was so gentle that it sent goosebumps all over his body!

Ye Wanwan seemed to have just noticed Lin Que’s presence, and her expression contained a fair amount of displeasure. “Why are you also here?”

“To protect Ninth Brother’s safety, of course! Who knows what you’d do to him?” Lin Que purposefully provoked.

Ye Wanwan snorted. “Tsk, how do you know it’s your Ninth Brother who wants me to do something, huh?!”

“D*mn! How can you be so shameless?! I finally understand why Little Red gets angered halfway to death every time! Ninth Brother, why aren’t you reining her in?!”

Si Yehan glanced at Lin Que and ordered, “Wait for me at the teahouse across the street.”

Lin Que:”…”

So he’s agreeing with that girl’s words, right… right… right…???

What kind of sin did I commit? Why do I not only have to cover for these two and be stuffed with dog food, but now I’m also rejected…

After Lin Que left, Ye Wanwan started leading Si Yehan around Gourmet Street by his arm.

People overflowed the streets, so they wouldn’t attract any attention while hidden in the crowd, especially since she was dressed like this. However, Si Yehan’s face was a bit too eye-catching…

“Hold on, wear this.” Ye Wanwan pulled out a face mask and handed it to him.

Si Yehan did as she asked.

Although Ye Wanwan felt a tinge of regret at being unable to see that face anymore, she became much more relaxed.

“Perfect! This way, we can go on our date without any worries!”


Si Yehan’s expression became a bit startled. That word sounded like something from a different lifetime to him, making him feel like he was dreaming.

“Ah-Jiu, am I pretty today?” Ye Wanwan couldn’t resist boasting about her meticulous primping today.

“It’s not bad.” Si Yehan sounded aloof.

Ye Wanwan was instantly displeased. “What do you mean it’s not bad?! Compared to normal, aren’t I especially good- looking today?!”

She was typically dressed in scraggy clothing and sandals! The difference was day and night!

However, a second later, Si Yehan stoically said, “There aren’t any differences compared to normal.”

Ye Wanwan:”…”

Was her man blind?

Fine, fine. After all, this was someone who could utter “still as delicious” when faced with her heavy and unsightly makeup!

So why in the world did she put so much effort into dressing up?

Perhaps sensing Ye Wanwan’s dissatisfaction, Si Yehan led her to a stall selling cotton candy and asked, “Want to eat this?”

Ye Wanwan involuntarily softened the second she saw the cotton candy in front of her.

Once upon a time, this guy with his negative EQ didn’t even know how to go on a date. It was her who taught him little by little.

It appeared there was some progress. At least he knew to buy cotton candy to soothe her.

Ye Wanwan firmly answered, “Yes!”

Si Yehan turned to the stall owner. “How much?”

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