Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1961 - Like how you really, really like me

Chapter 1961 Like how you really, really like me

“Why are you calling me at this hour? Did something happen?” Ye Wanwan asked with surprise after answering the call.

After exchanging numbers, Si Yehan had only called her once on his own, and that was already a gigantic breakthrough. She didn’t expect there to be a second time.

“Nothing. I pressed the wrong number,” Si Yehan replied.

Ye Wanwan:”…”

P-pressed the wrong number…?

He actually called the wrong person! Ye Wanwan’s expectant expression immediately darkened.

“What are you doing?” the man gently asked from the other end.

Si Yehan’s voice carried some kind of calming power, and everything outside the window seemed to be isolated from her world. Ye Wanwan instantly felt less afraid.

“I’m sleeping on my bed! Who knew it’d start pouring out of nowhere? This spooky place is even more terrifying when it rains!” Ye Wanwan wailed pitifully.

“Why aren’t you moving elsewhere?” Si Yehan asked.

“I heard I made a bet with someone and said ‘I, Bro Flattop, have the guts to live in this haunted house that no one in the Independent State dares to buy!’ If I move away now, where’s my pride?” Ye Wanwan grumbled.

Si Yehan’s voice leaked with deep exasperation as he asked, “Did you shut the windows?”

“I did…”

“That’s good. If there’s nothing else, I’m hanging up now.”

“No! Don’t hang up! The power’s out. I’m scared, Ah-Jiu, talk to me…” Although Ye Wanwan wasn’t that scared anymore, her voice turned more pitiful.

It became silent on the other end, but as though he was afraid she would be afraid when she didn’t hear his voice, the silence only lasted a second or two before he said, “Alright.”

Upon hearing this assurance, Ye Wanwan instantly felt like a water dragon re-entering the sea and lost all inhibition~

“Hm, say, my esteemed Lord Asura, are you sure you called the wrong number? Were you worried I would be scared when you saw the storm, so you called me on purpose? You didn’t call the wrong number, am I right?” Ye Wanwan asked with slitted eyes.

“You’re overthinking.”

“I’m overthinking? Then tell me—which little vixen were you calling in the middle of the night if you weren’t calling

Si Yehan:”…”

Ye Wanwan: “Talk.”

The man sighed helplessly. “You aren’t scared anymore?”

Ye Wanwan sweetly answered, “Because I’m listening to your voice!”

After chatting a little, Ye Wanwan shook off all her fear and even found it to be rather nice chatting in this kind of atmosphere in the middle of the night. “Oh right, Ah-Jiu, do you know the conflict behind the Independent State’s Direct Line and the Collateral Branches?”

“Why are you asking this suddenly?” Si Yehan’s voice deepened a few degrees.

“I’m just asking randomly. I heard the Direct Line is adamant about eradicating the Collateral Branches. Isn’t your ancient Si clan part of the Collateral Branches?”

“The battle between these two factions in the Independent State has a long history, and the story can’t be explained in a few words. Don’t get mixed up in this matter; it’s unrelated to you.” Si Yehan’s tone was fairly solemn.

Get mixed up into this matter? Am I that free? All my spare time is used to charm you, alright? Fine, we’ll stop talking

about this. It’s not like I wanted to listen to it anyway; it’s so boring. Um… tell me something better!” Ye Wanwan cheerily requested.

The line “All my spare time is used to charm you” successfully softened the man’s tone. “Tell you what?’

“Like how…you redly, really like me! And how you can’t live without me and are madly in love with me…’ Si Yehan:”…”

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