Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1960 - As long as you two are happy

Chapter 1960 As long as you two are happy

AH! My son is too adorable when he tilts his head!

Ye Wanwan couldn’t resist tousling the little fella’s hair. “That’s right, that’s right, him. What do you think about him, baby?”

After successfully gaining his position as his Mommy’s pet, Tangtang’s eyes squinted in an expression of pure bliss. When he realized what she said, he looked up and asked, “Mommy, have you fallen in love with someone else?”

“Cough cough cough cough cough…” A fit of coughing seized Ye Wanwan.

It took half a day before Ye Wanwan managed to stop coughing. She felt like she had to establish an exemplary image for her child, especially since she was certain Si Yehan was Baby Tangtang’s real father, so she absolutely couldn’t let him think she had a bad relationship with his real dad.

And so, Ye Wanwan hastily refuted, “Ahem, how could I? Mommy loves your daddy the most still!”

“But when we were at Gourmet Street last time, I felt like you liked Lord Asura a little bit, Mommy, since you kept looking at him,” Tangtang said.

Imaginary tears involuntarily streamed down Ye Wanwan’s face. Tangtang was seriously sired by Si Yehan… He’s too smart…

“I’m not! I didn’t! Nonsense! No way! Actually… actually it’s like this… you know how your dad is in China and can’t meet with us, right? I kept looking at Lord Asura because… because, yes… to console myself with false hopes!” Ye Wanwan finally mustered up an excuse.

Console myself with false hopes…?

Tangtang’s expression was complicated when he heard that.

Baby Tangtang, who insisted he didn’t play with idiots just a minute ago, nodded. “So it’s like that!”

“That’s right, that’s right, it’s like that!”

Your mom clearly took a fancy to him, alright?” Yi Shuihan interjected with a raise of his brows.

Baby Tangtang instantly solemnly rebuked, “You’re not allowed to say that about Mommy.”

Ye Wanwan also admonished, “You’re not allowed to drive a wedge between my son and me!”

“Forget I said anything. As long as you two are happy…” Yi Shuihan muttered.

Ye Wanwan didn’t expect to accidentally run into Tangtang in her attempt to seek refuge, so she took advantage of the opportunity and chatted with her little darling for a long time until Yi Shuihan started kicking her out.

Tangtang also couldn’t stay there for too long and had to return to the Nie residence, so Ye Wanwan finally parted with him reluctantly.

When Ye Wanwan returned to the mansion next-door, she took a shower before lying on the bed.

She didn’t expect those people to be so persistent and chase her all the way to the Independent State…

Thank goodness that she could cozy up to someone powerful here and managed to avoid any mishaps.

The quantity of information she got lately was truly too great. She was lying on her bed, combing through her thoughts, when a flash of lightning suddenly blazed through the sky outside the window, quickly followed by a clap of thunder and pouring rain.

Sh*t …

Why did it suddenly start storming?!

Wild gales whipped outside the window, and the shadows from the trees reflected on the windows were like the silhouettes of ghosts, which combined with the terrifying howls of the wind outside. Ye Wanwan felt goosebumps covering her body.

It just had to be this moment when the room lights went out all of a sudden!

Ye Wanwan used to keep calling Bai Feng an idiot for liking to live in such a wretched place.

She never expected Bai Feng to be her. She herself was that idiot.

Originally, Ye Wanwan had almost adapted to this scary place, but the lightning and thunder and the worst thing, the power outage… the level of scariness had rocketed up thousands of times, alright?!

Ye Wanwan decisively pulled out her phone to call for help…

She was about to call a few people from the Fearless Alliance to embolden herself but wiped that idea after some thinking. Freaking… those people normally treated this place as a mountain made of knives and a sea made of fire. They didn’t dare to take a single step in this place.

There wasn’t a single reliable person!

At that moment, Ye Wanwan’s phone screen brightened and started ringing.

Ye Wanwan directly tossed her phone in her fright but narrowly caught it after some jostling. She finally saw the caller ID: Owner of the Independent State’s Vinegar Factory!

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