Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1959 - Are you talking about Lord Asura, Mommy?

Chapter 1959 Are you talking about Lord Asura, Mommy?

“Knight-errant Yi, when did you discover my identity?” Ye Wanwan was really curious.

However, Yi Shuihan completely ignored Ye Wanwan’s puzzlement and aloofly said, “I truly don’t have any interest in knowing your identity. Who you are is unimportant to me.”

Ye Wanwan:

No wonder he was the strongest man in the history of the Independent State. His words were so flashy and arrogant! She couldn’t refute them at all! Couldn’t she preserve some of her pride in front of her darling son? Didn’t Yi Shuihan know there was a better way of speaking called “mutual complimenting”?

“Knight-errant Yi, you know those people from just now?” Ye Wanwan inquisitively asked.

Those people seemed to be fascinated with her ring, as though they wouldn’t give up until they got it. However, she didn’t know anything about them.

Ye Wanwan wasn’t afraid of being robbed. But when she didn’t know anything about the other person, that was terrifying.

“They’re from the Direct Line,” Yi Shuihan answered.

“The direct line?” Ye Wanwan was dumbfounded.

She knew what the direct line was… But what did he mean by “They are from the Direct Line”? Was the Direct Line a faction?

“This traces back to the origin of the Independent State,” Yi Shuihan explained without holding back. “They are the descendants of the group of people who founded the Independent State.”

“What do you mean?” Ye Wanwan was further dumbstruck. What did this have to do with the people who founded the Independent State?

“Currently, the ancient clans of the Independent State are considered collateral branches, and those people from earlier are considered the direct line.”

“Wait, Knight-errant Yi… What you’re saying is that the direct lines and the collateral branches are both descendants of the people who founded the Independent State. However, a dispute arose between the direct lines and the collateral branches, so they separated?” Ye Wanwan frowned.

“That’s right.” Yi Shuihan nodded. “Precisely speaking, the collateral branches chased the Direct Line out of the Independent State, so the Direct Line conspires to destroy the collateral branches and regain power.”

“…”Isn’t this too freaking melodramatic?! This kind of drama exists?

“Logically speaking, the Direct Line’s position and bloodline are higher than the collateral branches, but everyone in the Independent State came from the collateral branches. The collateral branch kicked the Direct Line out of the Independent State. Would you be able to tolerate that if it were you?” Yi Shuihan asked.

“…”I couldn’t!

Ye Wanwan frowned deeply. She remembered that Si Yehan was a member of the ancient Si clan, which meant Si Yehan was also a collateral branch…

Direct Line planned to eradicate the entire collateral branch, so didn’t this mean her man would also be in danger at that time?

“Knight-errant Yi, are you from the Direct Line? Is that why you wanted to annihilate the ancient clans?” Ye Wanwan furtively probed.

“That’s none of your business,” Yi Shuihan said.

Since Yi Shuihan was unwilling to say, Ye Wanwan wouldn’t get to the bottom of things, so this question was dropped.

However, it had to be said that this Yi Shuihan seemed to know a lot of things. If she had the chance, she had to think of a way to weasel information out of him. If she failed, she could ask Tangtang. After all, Tangtang was Yi Shuihan’s disciple, so perhaps he knew something.

“Oh right, Baby Tangtang, let me tell you something! Do you still remember the man who resembles your dad a lot from last time?” Ye Wanwan nervously asked.

Tangtang was a bit resentful that his Mommy kept talking to his Master and ignoring him, but his eyes instantly brightened when his Mommy finally paid attention to him. He tilted his head and asked, “Are you talking about Lord Asura, Mommy?”

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