Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1956 - This is after-sales service

Chapter 1956 This is after-sales service

“The second possibility is… Perhaps the Martial Arts Union wanted you to recover your memory on your own and not discover the truth from someone else’s mouth. Of course, this is just my conjecture and requires an investigation,” Ji Xiuran replied.

“Also,” Ji Xiuran added. “I actually don’t believe the Martial Arts Union would hunt you down. Because of your grandfather.”

“My grandpa…” Ye Wanwan frowned lightly. At the mention of her grandfather, the elderly man who treated the little girl extremely strictly surfaced in her mind.

“That’s right.” Ji Xiuran nodded and chuckled lightly. “It appears you haven’t remembered this yet. Your grandfather was the previous president of the Martial Arts Union.”

Ye Wanwan was stunned. The previous president of the Martial Arts Union was her grandfather?!

“Your grandfather had an extremely bad relationship with your parents and took you from the Nie family since you were young. Auntie Nie had always felt like she owed Worriless Nie, so this is probably why she dotes on that fake Worriless so much.”

“Then where’s my grandfather right now?” Ye Wanwan asked inquisitively.

If her grandfather was the previous president, why did the Martial Arts Union dare to hunt her down?! What right did they have?

“He went missing many years ago. No one knows his whereabouts,” Ji Xiuran answered.

Ye Wanwan:

Such a formidable grandfather-support actually went missing…

“Could it be an internal struggle in the Martial Arts Union?” Ye Wanwan asked with a frown after some thinking.

“It’s very possible. The current president of the Martial Arts Union is very mysterious. Very few people have seen his true appearance, and his actions are vicious and merciless. However, I don’t have any concrete evidence.” Ji Xiuran shook his head.

“Some things might have to wait until you completely remember everything. Right now, you don’t need to do anything. Don’t continue to infuriate the Martial Arts Union.”

After discussing the Martial Arts Union, Ye Wanwan originally wanted to clear up her engagement with Ji Xiuran, but he left before she could.

When Ye Wanwan left the restaurant, she had Big Dipper and Seven Star return to the Fearless Alliance first while she herself drove back to her mansion.

Her mansion was a bit creepy, so Ye Wanwan rarely stayed there. The majority of the time, she lived at the Fearless Alliance. She was returning to the mansion tonight to carefully examine whether she left any clues in the mansion all those years ago.

However, after turning the mansion upside down, she still didn’t find anything valuable.

When Ye Wanwan walked out of the mansion and stopped next to her car, her brows knitted.

From the car’s side mirror, Ye Wanwan clearly caught sight of the man who appeared in China and tried to steal her ring…

Ye Wanwan pretended to be clueless, but she didn’t get into the car and walked straight toward Yi Shuihan’s house instead.

When she felt someone approaching, she immediately dug out a key and opened the door to Yi Shuihan’s house.

As soon as she entered the room, the icy gaze of a man wearing cartoon pajamas landed on Ye Wanwan.

“Um… Nice door,” Ye Wanwan greeted him with a smile when she detected Yi Shuihan’s inhospitable gaze.

“Why do you have the key to my house?” Yi Shuihan stared at Ye Wanwan, his somewhat husky voice appearing more attractive.

Ye Wanwan finally mustered a response. “Knight-errant Yi, this is after-sales service… I sold the door to you, so of course I have to have the key. If you happen to lose your key one day, I still have a spare one here… right?”

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