Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1957 - You can“t bully my mommy

Chapter 1957 You can“t bully my mommy

Ye Wanwan thought: Being embarrassed is fine. It’s better than being caught by those people outside.

You grow accustomed with experience. It’s not like this is the first time.

Seconds after Ye Wanwan spoke, a tiny figure wearing cartoon pajamas walked out from another room.

When Ye Wanwan saw that thin figure, she was taken aback.

“Tangtang?!” Ye Wanwan exclaimed at the also surprised Tangtang.

“Mommy… why are you here?” Joy surfaced in Tangtang’s eyes when he saw Ye Wanwan.

“Tangtang, aren’t you at school?” Ye Wanwan reflexively asked.

Madam Nie previously told her that Tangtang was in school, so why did he show up at Yi Shuihan’s house all of a sudden?

“Master said learning martial arts is more important…” Tangtang replied.

Ye Wanwan instantly glared at Yi Shuihan. “Why is such a small child learning martial arts? How dare you stop my Baby Tangtang from going to school?!”

Yi Shuihan glanced at Ye Wanwan. “So just who are you?”

Ye Wanwan:”…”

“Master, she’s my mommy.” Tangtang quickly walked in front of Ye Wanwan, protecting her behind him. “You can’t bully my mommy, Master.”

“When did I bully your mom?” Yi Shuihan asked calmly.

“Don’t bully my son!” Ye Wanwan rebuked with a frown.

Yi Shuihan’s gaze shifted to Ye Wanwan. “When did I bully your son?”

“You won’t let my son go to school. That’s bullying my son!” Ye Wanwan was bold and self-righteous.

Tangtang guiltily glanced at Ye Wanwan. “Mommy… This isn’t Master’s fault. It was me who called Master and asked him to pick me up from school.”

“Baby, at your age, you have to go to school. Do you understand?” Ye Wanwan lectured.

“But Mommy, the classmates and teachers at school are all too foolish.” Tangtang sounded exasperated. “I don’t want to be with simpletons.”

Ye Wanwan:”…”

After thinking about it carefully, to Tangtang, putting him with his peers was rather incompatible.

Ye Wanwan never doubted that her and Si Yehan’s baby would be a genius.

Before Ye Wanwan could answer, a knock rang out from the main door.

“Tangtang, open the door,” Yi Shuihan ordered.

“Don’t.” Ye Wanwan hastily stopped Tangtang.

“Mommy, what’s wrong?” Tangtang frowned lightly, detecting the peculiarity in Ye Wanwan’s expression.

A second later, the door was kicked open with a bang from outside.

Several young men and women swiftly entered.

“We meet again,” the leading thin man greeted expressionlessly when he saw Ye Wanwan.

“Are you dogskin plaster? Why can’t I get rid of you?” Ye Wanwan asked.

“Give me the ring, and I’ll spare you.” One of the women turned to Ye Wanwan.

“Who are you?” Ice filled Tangtang’s eyes as he looked at the youths who invaded the house. “Aren’t you too arrogant talking to my mommy like that?”

“Child, this has nothing to do with you,” the woman coldly shouted with an irritated expression.

Tangtang looked at the woman like she was an idiot. “I told you already. She’s my mommy, but you say it has nothing to do with me. It appears you’re just as stupid as my classmates and teachers.”

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