Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1955 - Really do have an engagement

Chapter 1955 Really do have an engagement

Of course, if Ye Wanwan didn’t explain it, then the misunderstanding between Ji Xiuran and Si Yehan would never dissolve.

First of all, with Ji Xiuran’s personality, he would probably never ask Si Yehan about this. Even if Ji Xiuran directly questioned Si Yehan, Si Yehan absolutely wouldn’t provide any explanation given his personality, especially since the asker was Ji Xiuran.

“Since you know now that you’re Worriless Nie, then you should also know that we really do have an engagement, but you still followed Si Yehan to China and forgot everything. So tell me, what misunderstanding could there be?” Ji Xiuran asked with a light chuckle.

Ye Wanwan stared at Ji Xiuran, her brows furrowing slightly. If Ji Xiuran put it that way, there really wasn’t any problem.

However, his earlier words proved that Ji Xiuran was clueless about what happened back then. If Ji Xiuran was in the know, he absolutely wouldn’t feel such hostility toward Si Yehan.

“I did recover a portion of my memories, and that portion includes how the Martial Arts Union hunted me down and Si Yehan rescued me back then. Moreover, it was me who requested Si Yehan to replace my memories,” Ye Wanwan finally confessed after some deliberation.

It was best to tell Ji Xiuran the truth first. Otherwise, what if Emperor Ji’s faction declared war on Asura because of this misunderstanding? It would be a disaster.

You were hunted by the Martial Arts Union…?”

Surprise surfaced in Ji Xiuran’s eyes.

Aside from being hunted by the Martial Arts Union, it was actually Lord Asura who rescued her and it was Worriless Nie herself who asked for her memory to be replaced…

Ji Xiuran sank into contemplation.

“I asked you to come today actually because I wanted to ask whether or not you knew what happened back then and why the Martial Arts Union wanted to hunt me down. Because I only recovered a small portion of my memories, I don’t know a lot of details,” Ye Wanwan slowly began.

“Are you certain it was the Martial Arts Union who hunted you? I truly didn’t know about that,” Ji Xiuran replied.

“I’m certain.” Ye Wanwan nodded.

“Don’t rashly provoke the Martial Arts Union. Wait until I investigate this matter,” Ji Xiuran instructed her with a grim expression a long while later.

The Martial Arts Union held a significant position in the Independent State and possessed extraordinarily strong power as well. If the mere Fearless Alliance wanted to fight the Martial Arts Union, it would be the same as an egg attacking a rock—suicidal.

“En, I understand.”

If Ye Wanwan wanted to seek revenge, she would’ve acted already. Why would she wait until now?

Ye Wanwan wasn’t stupid. She was well aware of the Martial Arts Union’s mightiness.

“Forget about this matter for now. It’d be best if you could recover all your memories so that you find out what actually happened back then and why the Martial Arts Union wanted to hunt you down. Do you understand?” Ji Xiuran said.

“There’s one more thing.”

After long consideration, Ye Wanwan decided to inform Ji Xiuran about the matter regarding Elder Jin.

“Oh… that’s rather interesting.”

Ji Xiuran looked pensive after hearing that Elder Jin died at the hands of the Martial Arts Union.

“I think there are two possibilities.” Ji Xiuran lightly tapped the table. “First, the Martial Arts Union wanted to seal Elder Jin’s mouth permanently and didn’t want you to learn about what happened back then from Elder Jin.”

“What’s the second one?” Ye Wanwan urgently pressed.

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