Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1954: Make him pay for it

Chapter 1954: Make him pay for it

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Now though, Ye Wanwan didn't know how to face Ji Xiuran.

Previously, Ye Wanwan thought she was impersonating the President of the Fearless Alliance and adopted the role of Bai Feng, so she merely needed to pretend to be Ji Xiuran's fiancée as Bai Feng.

Only now did Ye Wanwan come to the complete realization that she was Worriless Nie, which meant she really did have an engagement with Ji Xiuran. This was the reality, not some fabricated tale…

When all was said and done, logically speaking, the man before her was her real boyfriend…

She still felt like she was missing a piece of the puzzle after thinking about it carefully. Was she really so wild back then and still got involved with Si Yehan despite having an engagement with Ji Xiuran? That didn't match her behavior at all, alright?

"Um, do you know what happened back then?" Ye Wanwan asked as she looked at Ji Xiuran again.

"Back then? What exactly are you asking?" Ji Xiuran nonchalantly retorted.

"Why did I leave the Independent State?" Ye Wanwan finally uttered after a moment of thought.

"Shouldn't it be me asking you this question? Why are you the one asking me instead?" Ji Xiuran replied slowly, looking at her.

Before Ye Wanwan could respond, Ji Xiuran continued, "It appears you truly haven't fully recovered your memory yet. Tell me, why did you leave the Independent State? I don't think there's a point in you asking me this question. Who were you living with during your time in China? You should be asking him instead, am I right?"

Ye Wanwan: "…"

Only then did Ye Wanwan understand something. In Ji Xiuran's mind, it must've been Si Yehan who took her away from the Independent State. Well, that was true. It was Si Yehan who took her from the Independent State.

"If I guessed right, it was Lord Asura who took you to China. However, when you returned to the Independent State again, you lost your original memories and were living with someone else's memories instead. So who do you think harmed you and what do you think happened back then?" Ji Xiuran calmly stared at Ye Wanwan without a ripple of emotion. "I told you before already: Stay far away from Lord Asura."

A realization finally dawned on Ye Wanwan. No wonder Ji Xiuran felt such hostility toward Si Yehan There seemed to be some misunderstanding here…

Based on Ji Xiuran's words, Ji Xiuran thought all of this was caused by Si Yehan. Si Yehan harbored evil intentions, so he switched all of her memories and made her live as someone else.

"Today's the last time I'll tell you this: Stay far away from Lord Asura from now on. As for everything he's done to you, I'll make him pay for it," Ji Xiuran said.

"…"There is really a misunderstanding! An enormous misunderstanding!

"That's not it, that's not it." Ye Wanwan frantically shook her head.

"No?" Ji Xiuran glanced at her.

"There might be a misunderstanding," Ye Wanwan hastily replied.

Ye Wanwan finally understood that in Ji Xiuran's eyes, Si Yehan had taken her to China back then and harmed her. However, after recovering a portion of her memories, she was well aware that Si Yehan didn't harm her. Instead, he rescued her from the hands of the Martial Arts Union.

Additionally, it was she who threatened Si Yehan with her life and forced him to mask her memory, so it actually didn't have anything to do with Si Yehan. If Si Yehan got blamed for all of this, he would be too wronged. He'd become the second DouE1 in Asia…


1: E - Dou E is a fictional character who was convicted wrongly from the play, The Injustice to Dou E

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