Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1951 - There’s big trouble

Chapter 1951 There’s big trouble

Big Dipper instantly shut his mouth. “No no no, I’m very busy! Very busy!”

After fleeing, Big Dipper’s curiosity felt like an unscratchable itch. “Say, Old Seven, who do you think this ‘Owner of the Independent State’s Vinegar Factory’ is? Why haven’t I ever heard about a beautiful vinegar factory owner in the Independent State?”

“Maybe the President met him by chance.” Seven Star quickly turned calm after a moment of thought. “It might not be a bad thing to have someone distract the President’s attention.”

Big Dipper realized the sense in that. As long as Sis Feng didn’t provoke some troublesome character, everything was fine.

This was probably Sis Feng’s momentary infatuation, so she’d probably completely forget about it in a few days…

Ever since they captured Elder Jin of the Martial Arts Union, Ye Wanwan discovered many scouts from the Martial Arts Union lingering around the Fearless Alliance’s headquarters.

She originally planned to do another thorough interrogation on Elder Jin after scrutiny on her decreased, but judging from the current situation, when would that be? Ye Wanwan didn’t expect the Martial Arts Union to value Elder Jin so much and refuse to give up even now. She didn’t realize the Martial Arts Union was so staunch and loyal; they could probably rival the Fearless Alliance in that regard.

Ye Wanwan was amazed after witnessing the Martial Arts Union’s stubbornness. No wonder the Martial Arts Union could rise above everyone in the Independent State and become the counter-balancing force in the Independent State. If it were any other faction, they would’ve probably stopped caring about an elder’s survival a long time ago.

The next day, Ye Wanwan was dozing off in her office when she was suddenly awoken by Big Dipper.

“Sis Feng!” Big Dipper dashed inside the office with Seven Star without knocking.

Big Dipper’s voluminous voice instantly shocked Ye Wanwan to consciousness.

“What?” Ye Wanwan asked, looking at them.

“Sis Feng, there’s trouble,” Seven Star answered.

“That’s right, that’s right. Sis Feng, there’s trouble! There’s big trouble!!!” Big Dipper shouted urgently.

“Can’t you talk properly? What big trouble could there be? Did the sky collapse?” Ye Wanwan shot Big Dipper an unhappy look.

When Ye Wanwan learned that Worriless Nie was Bai Feng and she was the one who took on the alias and created the entire Fearless Alliance with her own hand back then, she was dumbstruck and couldn’t accept it at all, alright?

Why did she recruit so many oddballs into the Fearless Alliance back then? This absolutely wasn’t her style…

“The sky collapsed? Well, this isn’t any different from the sky collapsing!” Big Dipper answered, gasping for air.

Ye Wanwan turned to look at Seven Star instead. At least Seven Star was more reliable.

However, Seven Star merely nodded at Ye Wanwan, seeming to agree with Big Dipper’s words.

“Sis Feng, the base we used to hide Elder Jin has been discovered by the Martial Arts Union…” Seven Star explained a moment later.

Ye Wanwan froze in her spot, flabbergasted.

“You’re saying the Martial Arts Union found our base and caught us red-handed?!” Ye Wanwan frowned deeply.

“That’s right, Sis Feng! It happened just now!” Big Dipper had a miserable expression.

Ye Wanwan:”…”

How was this the sky freaking collapsing? This was clearly the entire world collapsing!

With the Martial Arts Union’s reputation and strength in the Independent State, the consequences of the Fearless Alliance being caught red-handed was inconceivable!

Ye Wanwan was well aware of how her acts of faking compliance when the Martial Arts Union sought her out last time and asking the Fearless Alliance to be enemies with Asura and wreaking havoc at Asura’s headquarters was the same as conning the Martial Arts Union’s wealth.

However, she still went to Asura’s territory and stirred up trouble, so while the Martial Arts Union might’ve been furious, they couldn’t criticize it, so they had to suffer this loss silently.

This was different though. The Fearless Alliance stole a lot of supplies from the Martial Arts Union and abducted their elder…

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