Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1950 - Are you missing me?

Chapter 1950 Are you missing me?

The second Ye Wanwan said “honey,” goosebumps covered Big Dipper and Seven Star’s bodies.

“Eh, do you need to be so gentle when you talk to the owner of a vinegar factory?” Big Dipper scratched his head in confusion.

Ye Wanwan was in an extremely good mood, so she ignored them and asked Si Yehan, “Why did you suddenly call me?”

“How are you lately? Anything abnormal?” The man’s serious but unconcealable gentle voice was emitted from the other end.

“Nope, everything’s fine! Oh right, I haven’t thanked you yet. Thank you for your present—I like it a lot! It’s seriously too considerate-” Ye Wanwan happily thanked him.

Si Yehan knew she was talking about the goods he helped her transport. He was originally frustrated with himself for indulging her too much, but his insignificant regret completely disappeared when he heard the girl’s elated tone.


His inner mindscape clearly resembled a blossoming spring after being lavished in praise, but he merely uttered a reserved “En.”

As for the two people listening to Ye Wanwan on the phone…

Big Dipper leaned close to Seven Star’s ears and whispered, “The vinegar factory owner’s present? What could a vinegar factory owner give? A tub of vinegar?”

Seven Star also didn’t know who this vinegar factory owner was but didn’t pay too much heed to it.


Until Ye Wanwan propped her chin on her hand and softly and coyly complained, “Tsk, you ignored me when I forcibly stuffed my number at you back then, but you’re actually calling me on your own now? Do you miss me?”

The conversation was normal initially, but when it reached this point, Seven Star’s head shot up and Big Dipper’s face filled with shock.

Sis Feng forcibly stuffed her number onto someone? And she asked him if he missed her?

There was something… off about this conversation, right?

Wait wait wait, calm down, calm down! Sis Feng talked this inappropriately toward everyone, so they had to be overthinking.

“Mm,I miss you so much~I can’t sleep well at night~Can I go and sleep at your place?” Ye Wanwan asked as she listlessly sprawled on top of her desk. Her voice couldn’t be any softer.

The truth was… her lousy haunted house was too wretched… So she hadn’t had a single good night’s sleep since she came to the Independent State!

In addition, after witnessing Si Yehan’s headache last time, she was a bit worried about his situation. She nurtured him back to good health with great difficulty, so wouldn’t she be getting the short end of the stick if his health declined to how it was before?!

The fairly calm Big Dipper and Seven Star never expected Sis Feng to turn so racy all of a sudden. They were stupefied. Sleep… together… tonight???

What did we just hear? This can’t be a misunderstanding, right?

Since when did Sis Feng start playing around with a vinegar factory owner?

She’s three-timing Emperor Ji, Lord Asura, and Patriarch Si and *still* has the energy to seduce a vinegar factory owner behind their backs?

On the other end of the phone, even if Si Yehan couldn’t see her right now, he could imagine her soft and cute expression and the cunningness sparkling in her eyes. He almost couldn’t control himself and answered: “Yes.”

However, Si Yehan managed to restrain himself. “Stop fooling around.”

Ye Wanwan pouted unhappily. “I knew you’d say that!”

Since Big Dipper and Seven Star were with her, Ye Wanwan couldn’t bring up other topics, but she still chatted with him for a while sweetly before reluctantly hanging up.

Big Dipper and Seven Star had already transformed into statues in her office.

Ye Wanwan looked up. “You two haven’t left yet?”

Big Dipper was flabbergasted. “Sis Feng! When did you seduce another one?! Just who is this ‘Owner of the Independent State’s Vinegar Factory’?”

Ye Wanwan peppily retorted, “Since you have time to gossip with me, why don’t you help me do these missions?”

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