Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1949 - Relied on my beauty

Chapter 1949 Relied on my beauty

Ye Wanwan’s emotions were actually rather complicated after learning the results of the DNA test.

She still remembered how she offhandedly said it was probably only her and Si Yehan’s genes in this world that could produce a child as adorable as Tangtang. She didn’t expect her words to become a prophecy.

Unfortunately, she could only feel excited by herself secretly.

On one hand, this truly wasn’t a suitable opportunity to tell Si Yehan. On the other hand, she despairingly realized that telling Si Yehan that Tangtang was their child was basically the same as telling him she was Worriless Nie.

If she told him she was Worriless Nie, then her and Emperor Ji’s relationship…

Ay, before spilling the beans, she had to plan how to pacify him first.

Not long after First Elder left, Big Dipper fierily stormed inside.

“Sis Feng, you’re seriously too awesome! Just how did you do it? I heard you actually finished an S-rank and S+-rank mission at the same time!”

“Such unnecessary fuss.” Ye Wanwan was fairly calm.

Big Dipper excitedly exclaimed, “How’s that unnecessary fuss?! We’re talking about Lord Asura’s hair! Was that why you snuck into Asura last time?”

“The hair makes sense to me since you could obtain it with a little shamelessness. However, what’s the story with the goods? Even our Fearless Alliance couldn’t smuggle them, so no one else in the Independent State is capable of accomplishing it! Just who did you hire, Sis Feng?!” Big Dipper pressed, incredibly curious.

Ye Wanwan:”…”

What do you mean with a little shamelessness? I took it openly and honorably!

Seven Star, who entered with Big Dipper, also had a puzzled expression on his face. He speculated for a long time but couldn’t figure out who Sis Feng hired to help her.

When Ye Wanwan thought about what a certain person did behind her back, a sweet smile involuntarily spread across her face. “I hired Asura to escort it for me!”

Big Dipper:”…”

Seven Star:”…”

Big Dipper was dumbstruck. “Are you kidding me, Sis Feng? First of all, there’s no way Asura would accept this kind of mission. Second of all, how in the world could you afford to hire Asura?!”

Ye Wanwan rolled her eyes at him and propped her chin up. “How? I relied on my beauty. What? I can’t?”

Big Dipper grumbled. “If you’re talking about seducing someone with your looks, I feel like… it’s Lord Asura who’d be the one losing out… with his beauty… He absolutely wouldn’t take that deal!”

Does this guy know how to speak…

“Tsk, forget it if you don’t believe it.”

Nowadays, no one believed the truth.

Ye Wanwan was talking to Big Dipper and Seven Star when her phone suddenly started ringing.

The caller ID showed: Owner of the Independent State’s Vinegar Factory!!!

When Ye Wanwan casually picked up her phone and saw this caller ID, her lips turned up and her eyes looked like thousands of peach blossoms were blooming.

No way did she expect Si Yehan to call her of his own volition…

The number that Si Yehan gave her had to be fairly private and safe, so normal conversations shouldn’t be a problem as long as they didn’t mention anything too confidential or important.

“Eh, who’s calling, President? Why is your smile so… sugary and… lovestruck…?” Big Dipper curiously stood on tiptoe to peek at Ye Wanwan’s phone. “Eh? Owner… of the Independent State’s… Vinegar Factory…?”

Big Dipper was bewildered when he saw the caller ID. “Why are you smiling like that about the call of a vinegar factory’s owner? Did you want to buy some vinegar, Sis Feng?”

Ye Wanwan ignored Big Dipper and cheerfully answered the call. “Hello, honey-“

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