Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1948 - DNA testing result

Chapter 1948 DNA testing result

It wasn’t until half an hour later that First Elder finally rushed over with a report in hand.

For some reason, Ye Wanwan started getting nervous when she saw the report in First Elder’s hand.

Although Ye Wanwan was pretty certain that Tangtang was her and Si Yehan’s child, what if…

“President, the test results have come out,” First Elder decisively said upon a lack of words from Ye Wanwan.

“Wait, are the results good or bad?” Ye Wanwan asked him with a frown.

First Elder was startled. Are the results good or bad? How would I know? I don’t even know the identity of the people being DNA tested…

“Um… President, I don’t really know whether it’s good or bad,” First Elder answered with a smile.

“Then tell me the results,” Ye Wanwan ordered resolutely after a moment of thought.

First Elder nodded. “After the DNA test, the cells from the two samples indicated a 99% blood relationship.”

Ye Wanwan was originally prepared for the worst already, but all of her negative emotions dissipated after First Elder said that, leaving only joyful surprise behind.

In other words, the DNA test result showed that Si Yehan was Darling Tangtang’s biological father!

However, inexplicable fury rushed out of her a second later.

Did Si Yehan’s brain spasm? Is he dim-witted?! I had a child with him, and he doesn’t even know?!

Even if she was hiding from Si Yehan after she got pregnant and didn’t let him know… it was still his fault for not knowing!

After carefully considering it, Tangtang and Si Yehan were clearly carved from the same model, alright? His nose, his eyes, his mouth, and even his personality—Tangtang was basically a mini Si Yehan!

“Not good, not good, not good…” Ye Wanwan was brimming with worry. Baby Tangtang was so similar to his father, especially in personality; how would that do when he grew up? Whether he could find a wife or not was one thing, but even if he found one, he’d probably anger his wife to death. Hence, she had to start nurturing Tangtang’s nearly nonexistent ability at charming women from a young age. She absolutely couldn’t allow him to tread down Si Yehan’s old path!

“President, are… are you alright?”

First Elder couldn’t help asking when he saw dozens of expressions flying through Ye Wanwan’s face in a short amount of time.

“I’m fine, I’m fine. Thanks for your hard work, First Elder. You can go back to your work now,” Ye Wanwan responded.

“Alright. You can call me or have someone find me if you need anything else, President.” Then First Elder turned to leave.

Ye Wanwan couldn’t tolerate the fact that her precious son was hijacked by a counterfeit.

She’d been holding back for so long, so it was about time to take action. Whether she could recover Worriless Nie’s identity or not was secondary. The top priority was to at least expose that counterfeit.

Ye Wanwan originally wanted to discuss it with someone, but she realized this was the Fearless Alliance. It wouldn’t be a problem if you wanted them to commit arson, burglary, or murder, but if you wanted them to plan and scheme with you, forget it.

Ye Wanwan picked up her phone from her office chair, wanting to call Si Yehan.

However, after a second thought, she put down the phone again.

The Fearless Alliance was under the Martial Arts Union’s surveillance right now, so perhaps there was someone eavesdropping on them. Moreover, now wasn’t a suitable time to inform Si Yehan.

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