Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1947 - Accidentally broke a record again

Chapter 1947 Accidentally broke a record again

“As expected of Elder Gong’s disciple! A hero comes from a young man!” The high-ranking instructor gave Ye Wanwan a thumbs up.

Ye Wanwan’s mouth twitched. She wanted to say something but stifled it.

This high-ranking instructor might’ve misunderstood what a “young man” was. She was a freaking young woman! A young woman! Not a young man!

Of course, the current atrocious make-up on Ye Wanwan’s face didn’t allow her to fight over the question of her gender…

“D*mn, awesome! How did you do it, Junior Sister Ye?”

A bunch of high-ranking mercenaries instantly surrounded her with curious expressions.

Even some Scarlet Flames instructors and this high-ranking instructor were immensely curious about how in the world Ye Wanwan finished these seemingly impossible missions.

Ye Wanwan ran her eyes over everyone. How else could she have finished them? The boss of the mission helped her finish them! Otherwise, how could she have finished them?

Ye Wanwan, you’ve broken two records at Scarlet Flames Academy.”

The high-ranking instructor quickly regained his solemn expression.

Ye Wanwan became spirited immediately. It was unimportant whether she broke any records or not. What was important was whether she was awarded any honor points or not… That was Ye Wanwan’s only concern.

“The first record was that you finished an S+-rank and an S-rank mission faster than any other student in Scarlet Flames Academy’s history.”

The instructor paused briefly before continuing, “The second record was that you were the only student in Scarlet Flames Academy’s history to have accepted an S-rank and an S+-rank mission at the same time and you also finished them the fastest.”

“Is there a reward?” Ye Wanwan hastily asked.

The high-ranking instructor was startled, seemingly confused. He asked with a frown, “There’s definitely a reward, but isn’t the honor of breaking two records simultaneously more important than the reward?”

Ye Wanwan automatically shook her head without thinking. “Just tell me how many honor points I get.”

“Each one gives 10,000, so together, you get 20,000,” the high-ranking instructor answered.

A giant grin broke across Ye Wanwan’s face. She wanted nothing more than to bulldoze her way to Asura’s headquarters this very second and throw her arms around her man before kissing him.

20,000 honor points! Combined with an S+-rank and an S-rank mission, she would soon be able to ask the headmaster for another hypnosis session!

Within half a day, news of Ye Wanwan breaking two records at Scarlet Flames Academy blazed through the Academy.

Many higher-ups and elders of the Academy visited Elder Gong’s residence to congratulate him.

Many of these higher-ups from Scarlet Flames Academy weren’t affected by power anymore. Instead, these higher-ups coveted strength and honor in their disciples.

Elder Gong even threw several lavish banquets at his residence and dragged Ye Wanwan with her to entertain the guests for a few days.

Ye Wanwan originally didn’t want to waste any time, but she saw Elder Gong’s enthusiasm and couldn’t bear to reject him, so she could only accompany him in this madness for a few days.

When the Scarlet Flames headmaster learned that Ye Wanwan obtained a lot of honor points, he obscurely sent a few hints Ye Wanwan’s way, but they were all intentionally fended off by Ye Wanwan in good humor.

Who would pay back a debt they just owed…

A few days later, Ye Wanwan accepted a few more missions and quickly left Scarlet Flames Academy.

At the Fearless Alliance:

Ye Wanwan sat down on her office chair and told Seven Star to inform First Elder that she was back.

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