Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1946 - Is Ye Wanwan a demon

Chapter 1946 Is Ye Wanwan a demon

“The goods arrived?”

Ye Wanwan was dumbfounded. What’s going on? Didn’t that b*stard, Si Yehan, confiscate the goods…?

Could it be?

Si Yehan had the goods he robbed himself delivered to the destination according to the original route?!

A few breaths later, Ye Wanwan was certain that that was what happened.

It appeared Si Yehan’s desire to live was very strong still… She originally planned to find him to make him pay for it later.

“Heh, I’m really curious how you managed to transport the goods through Asura’s territory without attracting any notice…” the high-ranked instructor mused.

Ye Wanwan:It’s Asura’s members who personally escorted it, so of course it reached its destination!

Of course, Ye Wanwan might be thinking that, but she didn’t reveal a thing and merely smiled awkwardly.

“D*mn …”

“She finished the S+-rank escort mission?!”

The Scarlet Flames students were astonished and incredulous when they heard this.

Just what was this Ye Wanwan’s background? How did she manage to finish this kind of mission? What was more frightening was that she finished it in such a short amount of time. If this was another high-ranking mercenary academy, it wouldn’t be realistic at all!

“Ye Wanwan, you’re rather impressive. While you were escorting the S+-rank item, you even stopped by Asura’s headquarters and snuck inside to pluck a strand of hair from Lord Asura.” The high-ranked instructor’s eyes brimmed with admiration as he looked at Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan:Plucked a strand of hair from Lord Asura? Wasn’t it Si Yehan who plucked it himself? But wait… how does this person know?

“Heh, there’s news outside that says Lord Asura is thunderous. Someone close to Lord Asura said that someone snuck into Asura’s headquarters during the night and announced they were going to challenge Lord Asura. However, before they could start fighting, they took advantage of Lord Asura’s inattention and plucked several strands of hair from Lord Asura before swiftly leaving. That must’ve been you, right?” the high-ranked instructor continued.

Ye Wanwan:That’s right, it was me. I’m the one who did all that.

“I originally wanted to finish my missions in a low-profile manner, but I didn’t expect…” Ye Wanwan sighed helplessly. I didn’t expect my man to not permit that. He insists on me keeping such a high profile, so what can I do?

The nearby students were all stupefied.

If they hadn’t heard it from this high-ranking Scarlet Flames instructor, they absolutely wouldn’t believe that in a mere few days, Ye Wanwan first finished the S+-rank escort mission by transporting the goods across Asura’s territory then she brazenly challenged Lord Asura on her return trip and plucked Lord Asura’s hair when he was caught off guard before fleeing…

Is this woman still human? She’s a demon, right?!

Just how gutsy does she have to be to dare to challenge Lord Asura?!

Although the challenge was fake and plucking the hair was the truth… Ye Wanwan still managed to escape from Asura’s headquarters completely unharmed. If this was another high-ranking mercenary, forget about escaping intact after plucking Lord Asura’s hair, but they probably wouldn’t even have the courage to go to Asura’s headquarters and challenge Lord Asura!

“How impressive, Ye Wanwan! In a few days, you not only finished one S-rank and one S+-rank mission, but they were also related to Asura and you directly faced Lord Asura himself… This level of difficulty can’t be described as the mere S-rank.”

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