Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1945 - Finished the mission

Chapter 1945 Finished the mission

That was true. Who was Emperor Ji? How could his ring be so easily obtained? What absurd joke was that?!

Moreover, people said Emperor Ji already donated his ring for the charity auction that the Shen family held not too long ago.

So it was easy to get Emperor Ji’s ring! Just bury them in money! As long as you were wealthy and had enough money, then this mission would be way too easy.

However, on that note, who would be moronic enough to be so extravagant without caring about the consequences for a mere mission aside from Eldest Young Master Shen?

No one would doubt anything if it was Eldest Young Master Shen who finished this mission.

The Scarlet Flames instructor smiled helplessly. The three missions Ye Wanwan accepted were impossible to finish, so this was within his expectations.

“Then what about the S+-rank escort mission?” the instructor asked again.

Ye Wanwan glanced at the instructor, at a loss for words. Yes, she came back, but did she need to have finished all three missions just because she accepted three missions? Who decided that? Couldn’t she have just finished one?

“I haven’t,” Ye Wanwan answered.

Many high-ranked mercenary students nearby met each other’s eyes with a smile when they heard that.

Lately, Ye Wanwan’s limelight had been in full swing at Scarlet Flames Academy, but in the end, her strength was that of an S-rank mercenary at most.

Emperor Ji’s ring mission could be ignored since Emperor Ji donated his ring for an auction, so you could obtain it if you were rich enough. This had nothing to do with a person’s own strength anymore; you had to compete with the wealthy to obtain Emperor Ji’s ring.

As for Lord Asura’s hair, Lord Asura didn’t contribute his hair for the auction, so it might not be possible to buy it if you wanted to obtain it with money. Although a strand of hair was insignificant, running to Lord Asura to steal or ask for a strand of hair from him was an absolute joke.

Last but not least, the S+-rank mission. The supply route directly cut through Asura’s territory, so it was a lunatic’s ravings to be able to escort it to its destination safely. Forget about Ye Wanwan, but even the top-notch S-rank mercenaries wouldn’t be able to accomplish it.

At that moment, the instructor looked at Ye Wanwan and inquired with confusion, “You didn’t finish anything… so what mission are you here to submit?”

Ye Wanwan glanced at him and retorted, “Who said I didn’t finish a single mission?”

The instructor and students were all startled. Ye Wanwan accepted a total of three missions. She didn’t finish the S+- rank escort mission and Emperor Ji’s ring mission, so only Lord Asura’s hair mission remained… Could it be that Ye Wanwan obtained Lord Asura’s hair? How was that possible…?

“She’s lying, right? All hair looks the same, so is it Lord Asura’s hair just because she says it’s Lord Asura’s hair? No way…”

“There’s clearly a mistake with this mission. Who can prove it’s Lord Asura’s hair?”

However, in the midst of everyone’s fervent discussion, a high-ranking Scarlet Flames instructor strode out from the crowd.

You’re Ye Wanwan?”

The high-ranked instructor looked surprised when he saw Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan briefly surveyed the man first before nodding in admission. “That’s me.”

“Heh, I really couldn’t tell… No wonder you’re Elder Gong’s disciple…” the high-ranked instructor remarked as he looked at Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan was rather confused. What did this high-ranked instructor mean?

“Some days ago, you accepted three missions: two S-rank and one S+-rank. I just heard back from the employer who issued the S+-rank escort mission, and they said they received the item…” the instructor continued.

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