Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1944 - Specializes in robbing his wife’s things

Chapter 1944 Specializes in robbing his wife’s things

“Moreover, your Senior Sister Worriless was deeply in love with Emperor Ji back then, so perhaps she was afraid of Emperor Ji discovering too.” Elder Gong shook his head.

Ye Wanwan:”…”

Ye Wanwan didn’t agree with how Worriless Nie was afraid of Emperor Ji finding out. There was even a child involved, so how could she conceal this matter from Emperor Ji?

Anyway, with Worriless Nie’s extremely apathetic and headstrong personality, there was no way she’d seek Lord Asura out to interrogate him.

It didn’t take much for her to figure out Worriless Nie’s reaction. Did you want Worriless Nie to find a man who didn’t even tell her his true identity to aggrievedly tell him she was pregnant then ask him about his true identity and make him take responsibility? Stop fooling around…

Even the current Ye Wanwan couldn’t do such a thing, let alone Worriless Nie back then.

“Unfortunately, your Senior Sister Worriless went missing after giving birth to the child.” Elder Gong’s expression was rather lonely.

“Master, isn’t Worriless Nie with the Nie residence right now…?” Ye Wanwan asked.

“The Nie residence?” Elder Gong shook his head. “I haven’t visited the Nie residence and the Worriless Nie at the Nie residence has never come to Scarlet Flames Academy to pay me a visit. Also, Emperor Ji told me some time ago that the Worriless Nie at the Nie residence might not be the genuine one. What? Weren’t you recommended by Emperor Ji? Didn’t he tell you about it? Forget it, you know now, but don’t tell anyone to avoid making trouble for Emperor Ji. After all, no one has any proof about this matter.”

“I understand, Master.” Ye Wanwan nodded.

In other words, Ji Xiuran knew long ago that the current Worriless Nie was fake… and knew she was the real Worriless Nie…

Just what trick did Ji Xiuran have up his sleeve?!

“Go and submit the mission. Good luck on the other two missions too. Truthfully, you just need to finish another S+- rank mission, and you’ll have broken another one of Nie Linglong’s records.”

Ye Wanwan truly wasn’t that interested in Nie Linglong’s record. There was nothing more important than obtaining mercenary honor points right now!

Moreover, regarding those two missions, forget about Emperor Ji’s ring. With Si Yehan’s personality as the Vinegar King of Asia, it was absolutely impossible for him to give her Emperor Ji’s ring. As for that lockbox, it was also stolen. Just what kind of sin did she commit? Why did she have such an unreliable man who specialized in stealing his wife’s things?!

Soon, Ye Wanwan left Elder Gong’s residence and arrived at the mission submission area.

Ye Wanwan was fairly confident regarding Lord Asura’s hair. Excluding extenuating circumstances, Si Yehan was the wild man who concealed his identity from her back then and the man who sired Tangtang.

Of course, all of this still needed verification from the DNA test results.

When Ye Wanwan arrived at the mission submission area, a Scarlet Flames instructor turned to her and asked with a faint smile, “Have you brought Emperor Ji’s ring here, Ye Wanwan?”

Ye Wanwan:Why did you have to ask about Emperor Ji’s ring? Why couldn’t you ask about Lord Asura’s hair?! Many nearby mercenaries crowded around Ye Wanwan upon seeing her.

Ye Wanwan accepted two S-rank missions and one S+-rank mission not too long ago, and she was here submitting a mission already?

“D*mn, did Ye Wanwan really finish all her missions? Are you kidding me?!”

“I don’t believe it…”

Ye Wanwan grumpily looked at the instructor and brusquely snapped, “I don’t!”

All the mercenaries nearby revealed an “As I expected” expression upon hearing that.

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