Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1952 - Simply timely help

Chapter 1952 Simply timely help

Countless plans flashed through Ye Wanwan’s mind in an instant, but Ye Wanwan rejected all of them in the end.

Ye Wanwan originally wanted to inform Si Yehan but wouldn’t that be the same as dragging Asura down with her? Even if the Fearless Alliance and Asura teamed up, they still wouldn’t be a match for the Martial Arts Union.

“Did anyone from the Martial Arts Union come?” Ye Wanwan asked, looking at them with a frown.

“No.” Seven Star shook his head.

Ye Wanwan slowly sat back down on the sofa. It didn’t require much thought for her to realize the Martial Arts Union had to have gone back to summon their people so they could wipe out the entire Fearless Alliance in one go.

Declaring war on the Martial Arts Union was clearly an impractical option. In this pivotal moment, she had to find an excuse that absolved them of the crime of robbing their supplies and kidnapping their elder.

“Did they take Elder Jin back?” Ye Wanwan continued to ask.

“No, Sis Feng! Elder Jin died!” Big Dipper hastily replied.

“He died?!” Mad elation instantly surfaced in Ye Wanwan’s eyes. It was too freaking great that he died! This death was no different from timely help!

As long as Elder Jin died, the dead couldn’t be a witness, and who could say that the secret base belonged to the Fearless Alliance?

The Fearless Alliance learned that Elder Jin was abducted and worried immensely, so they dispatched a lot of manpower to search for Elder Jin’s whereabouts. When they found Elder Jin, they coincidentally ran into the search team from the Martial Arts Union. Couldn’t that work?

As long as she didn’t admit it and adamantly insisted that this had nothing to do with the Fearless Alliance, as the balance and adjudicator of the Independent State, the Martial Arts Union wouldn’t dare to wage war with the Fearless Alliance without any concrete evidence.

“He died pretty tragically!” Big Dipper mused with a sigh.

“Who killed Elder Jin?” Ye Wanwan was curious. This kind of talent needed to be emphatically trained.

You probably wouldn’t believe it even if I told you, Sis Feng. I don’t know how to say it either… How about I act it out for you?” Big Dipper turned to Seven Star and said, “Right now, I’m the people from the Martial Arts Union, and you’re Elder Jin. We’ll act out a playback.”

Seven Star:”…”

“Sister Worriless, after the Martial Arts Union found the base, they asked Elder Jin about the situation. Elder Jin said you asked him who wanted to kill Worriless Nie then… Elder Jin said he didn’t reveal anything but was killed by the palm of someone from the Martial Arts Union,” Seven Star responded truthfully.

Ye Wanwan froze in her spot, dumbstruck.

What kind of dramatic twist was this?!

Elder Jin was killed by the people from the Martial Arts Union?

“The one who killed Elder Jin was a spy from our Fearless Alliance?” Ye Wanwan hypothesized, puzzled.

Ye Wanwan suspected whether it was someone from the Fearless Alliance or perhaps Asura?

“Sis Feng, it was the Vice President of the Martial Arts Union,” Seven Star dispersed that guess.

Ye Wanwan:”…”

It absolutely couldn’t be a spy who openly killed Elder Jin like this. And the Vice President being a spy was even more improbable.

However… why did the Martial Arts Union want to kill Elder Jin?

Thousands of question marks floated around Ye Wanwan’s mind. This didn’t make any sense!

“How are our people?” Ye Wanwan continued to inquire.

“The hall masters all escaped and are fine,” Seven Star answered.

Ye Wanwan contemplated for a moment before ordering, “Immediately head to Martial Arts Union’s vicinity and monitor their every move. As soon as the wind blows, report back to me!”

Big Dipper and Seven Star turned to leave.

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