Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1939

Jiang Yan took a deep breath. “Misunderstanding? Bai Feng treats Asura like her own back garden and enters and leaves as she pleases. Moreover, the Fearless Alliance came marching to our doorstep with their weapons drawn, yet you’re calling this a misunderstanding?! Hall Master Lin, if this continues, how would that affect Asura’s reputation in the Independent State? Please give your order, my Lord!”

Lin Que expressed his deepest sympathy for Jiang Yan. Ey, with your Lord’s protective personality, how could he harm her?!

“Eh, how about this—let’s have a fair match! If you win the fight, I’ll stay in Asura and allow you to punish me however you want, but if I win…” Ye Wanwan paused briefly before continuing, “If I win, then let your Lord leave with me?”

This way, she’d the one benefiting no matter what!

Seven Star felt his head pounding fiercely as he watched his President acting suicidal again. He hastily walked over her and sent her a cautionary look. “Sis Feng!”

Ye Wanwan was currently very depressed from having precious time with her gorgeous man interrupted, so she couldn’t help but stir up some trouble. “Eh, what? My idea was super good and fair!”

When Ye Wanwan’s words turned more offensive, Seven Star was beside himself with anxiety. “Sis Feng, enough!”

The president was seriously too hard to look after this time…

Si Yehan imperceptibly sighed as he watched his girl having an awful amount of fun causing trouble. He had no choice but to use an emphatic tone as he said, “Stop where you should stop.”

However, perhaps because he was in such a good mood since the person he longed for was right before his eyes, his admonishing warning didn’t carry a hint of threat.

Even Seven Star astutely detected that Lord Asura’s tone when he spoke to their President… was a bit… too gentle…

What rendered him more speechless was that their suicidal president, who ignored all advice, did a sudden 180 in her attitude. She acted so well-behaved that it was like she was possessed.

“Ah, I was wrong. I was just joking!”

Ye Wanwan obediently apologized and sincerely turned to Jiang Yan. “Great Bodyguard Jiang, today was truly a misunderstanding. Please forgive me for any offense I committed.”

A misunderstanding? Such a giant commotion and they were supposed to let it slide with a mere “It’s a misunderstanding”?

However… Jiang Yan himself knew that a war between the Fearless Alliance and Asura right now would have no advantage whatsoever.

This had to also be why his Lord kept his temper with the Fearless Alliance again and again.

As soon as Jiang Yan thought of his Lord’s well-thought-out long-term strategy and his Lord’s tolerance and restraint, Jiang Yan was overcome with shame regarding his own impulsiveness. In the end, he had no choice but to grit his teeth and stand back.

“Well then, my esteemed Lord Asura… see you later.” Ye Wanwan left with a wave of her hand.

Lord Asura, who always ignored Bai Feng disdainfully, actually nodded lightly in response this time and silently stood in his spot as he escorted the girl with his gaze.

When Ye Wanwan looked back and saw his figure, which seemingly melted into the night and standing there unmovingly, she inwardly grumbled in complaint.

He keeps telling me to be careful and not to let anyone discover our relationship, but he… he keeps seducing me…

“Wow, d*mn! You’re too awesome, President! You managed to retreat without any injuries despite trespassing on Asura’s base single-handedly!”

“You even dared to covet Lord Asura! No wonder you’re a heroine, President!”

You’re awesome, President! I’ll be able to brag about today’s events my whole life!”

Ye Wanwan’s face was dark as she listened to her subordinates’ mad praise.

Was this something worth praising?

At least wait until my relationship with Lord Asura actually becomes official and public!

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