Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1938 - Anyway, I have a strong supporter

Chapter 1938: Anyway, I have a strong supporter

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The members of the Fearless Alliance who came self-righteous chests were flabbergasted.

Before anyone from the Fearless Alliance could speak, Jiang Yan’s rage hit the ceiling. “What… Sleep… Vixen, you’re simply unscrupulous and impudent!!!”

Ye Wanwan raised her eyebrows, exasperated. This guy’s vocabulary was pitifully small indeed; his lines never changed.

Ye Wanwan was addicted to angering Jiang Yan, so she provokingly said, “That’s right, that’s right. I didn’t just come here for some sleep, I want to sleep with your Lord Asura! What about it?”

Unfortunately, her darling told her she couldn’t let people know they were villains colluding together, so she had to hold back and refrain from saying it.

Jiang Yan: “…”

Big Dipper:”…”

Seven Star:”…”

All the elders, hall masters, and elites:

The entire area went abnormally silent for a long time.

It was finally broken by a certain hall master, Luo Lin’na: “So we furiously came running here to save the day only to find out our President came here to randomly find a place to sleep?”

“So we furiously came running here to save the day only to find out Sis Feng came here to secretly bang someone?” Everyone:

Jiang Yan was truly about to go mad from his rage this time. “Vixen! You… you’re audacious!”

Unsurprisingly… it was the same line…

“I absolutely won’t allow you to leave today!” Jiang Yan shrugged off Seven Star and charged toward Ye Wanwan as fast as lightning.

Ye Wanwan stood in her spot unmoving, a faint smile on her face with not even the tiniest frown.

Yes, I have a strong supporter anyway.

As expected, the second before Jiang Yan’s thunderous strike landed on Ye Wanwan, a slender hand appeared soundlessly and neutralized his attack.

When Jiang Yan saw the newcomer, his eyes shot open. “My… my Lord…”

A terrified expression surfaced on every Asura member’s face, and they reverently bowed at Lord Asura immediately. “My Lord!”

Lord Asura kept his hand blocking Jiang Yan as he ordered, “Retreat, Jiang Yan.”

Jiang Yan was bewildered. “But, my Lord…”

Ye Wanwan securely hid behind a certain someone and peeked out with a grin. She aggravatingly taunted, “Hehe, come here, come here! Hit me!”

Jiang Yan was so mad he nearly spat out blood. “Vixen! You!”

An imperceptible exasperation and gentleness flickered through Si Yehan’s eyes. He sent her a warning glance from the corners of his eyes, reminding her not to overdo it. “President Bai.”

Ye Wanwan pouted and finally stopped provoking Jiang Yan. “Fine fine. On your Lord’s behalf, I’ll let you off alive.”

Jiang Yan:”…”

I might become the first guard to die from rage in Asura…

“Wow… so… so handsome… Isn’t Lord Asura too handsome… He’s even more handsome than when we last saw him… If I could charm a man like this, I’d die without regrets in this life…” Luo Lin’na, the hegemon flower hall master of the Fearless Alliance, murmured at this moment as she stared at Lord Asura, starry-eyed and unable to look away.

Ye Wanwan sharply caught her words from the crowd and narrowed her eyes, her gaze shooting toward Luo Lin’na like flamethrowers.

“Hey, rein yourself in. Have you forgotten the lesson at the club last time?” a hall master quietly reminded her with his head lowered.

Luo Lin’na caught her President’s warning glance and shuddered. Memories rushed into her mind, and she didn’t dare to take another glance.

Si Yehan naturally detected his girl’s series of actions and the gentleness in his eyes was about to overflow.

Lin Que, who had followed behind them, clapped Jiang Yan on the shoulder with a sigh. “Ah, Little Red, relax. Today’s events were just a misunderstanding.”

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