Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1937 - Just came here to get some sleep

Chapter 1937: Just came here to get some sleep

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The higher-ups of the Fearless Alliance were divided into a pro-battle and a pro-peace faction, but the pro-battle faction was currently in the majority.

After all, their President was abducted, so if they took that lying down, then the Fearless Alliance wouldn’t need to keep its pride in the Independent State.

Hence, this battle was unavoidable.

“How dare a bunch of upstarts like you come to Asura and act so atrociously?! Since that woman had the guts to trespass on Asura’s territory, then she should be prepared to pay the price!” Jiang Yan was already at the end of his patience toward the Fearless Alliance, so his fury finally exploded.

That woman wasn’t in Asura to begin with. He tried to use peaceful means before resorting to violence and explained it to them, but these people didn’t believe it no matter what and doggedly clung to their beliefs that Asura was holding Bai Feng hostage, pestering Asura endlessly. They were probably here with the intention of causing trouble!

“Sh*t, what did this d*mn punk say?! He actually called us upstarts!”

“Blah, then what do you call the people who pissed their pants in terror when they were attacked by this group of upstarts, huh? B*stards?”

“Eh… I don’t think a winner was decided back then? Plus, our Fearless Alliance was just the vanguard, not the main force…”

“D*mn, which side are you on?! Why are you telling the blunt truth?! Anyway, didn’t Asura disappear off the grid? They must’ve been scared from the attack!”

Because of Jiang Yan’s attitude, the remaining pro-peace faction become turncoats.

“Enough bullsh*t! CHARGE!!!” Emotions ran high and the people from the two sides started to lose control.

At that moment, when the fight was a second from breaking out, a slender black figure languidly walked out from Asura’s inner court, her sandals flapping on the ground.

“What’s happening? Why are you so noisy in the middle of the night?!”

When a female voice rang out from the darkness on Asura’s side, everyone froze in their spots like a pause button was pressed.

After half a day, people gradually shook off their shock.

The members of Asura stiffly turned their necks to look behind them.

Sh*t! What did we just hear?

Why does it sound like we heard Bai Feng’s voice coming from behind us?

“That… that’s… Bro Flattop?”

“It’s really Bro Flattop!”

“Why’s she at our base?”

At the same time, the members of the Fearless Alliance also looked ahead in disbelief. “D*mn! P-president!”

“Sis Feng? Am I seeing things?”

“Are you okay, Sis Feng?!”

Why did Bai Feng come from Asura’s rear courtyard? And why did she walk out of there swaggeringly like she was traipsing through her own garden?

It was as though she had just taken a short walk through Asura!

When the crowd saw this scene, the people from the Fearless Alliance weren’t the only ones dumbfounded; Asura’s guards were as well. The righteously indignant crowd screaming for murder just a moment ago now subconsciously retreated to the side with obvious trepidation from fright.

Ye Wanwan leisurely walked in between the two rivers of Asura guards and lazily yawned before complaining, “Tsk, what a disturbance to my sweet dreams!”

Huh? Disturbance to her sweet dreams?

Big Dipper was incredibly excited by the sight of Ye Wanwan. “Sis Feng, weren’t you abducted by the despicable Asura and cruelly interrogated, so your life was hanging on by a thread?”

“Hanging on by a thread your a**!M Ye Wanwan rolled her eyes at him.

Also, where do you get the gall to call them despicable?

“Sis Feng, what the heck is going on? We received an anonymous letter that said you fell into Asura’s hands!”

Ye Wanwan pursed her lips and said, “This place has nice fengshui, so I just came here to get some sleep! Don’t be so worried!”

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